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Nov 1, 2012 08:28 AM

Lamb Burger Quest

My quest to find the best lamb burger in DC led me to Central last week. Their lamb burger was indeed the best I've had in DC so far. The patty was cooked to the perfect medium-rare and the bun was fresh, airy, and delicious. Didn't really care for the cheese tuile as the texture got a little soggy but appreciated that it wasn't served with the typical Greek inspired accoutrements. I've tried the lamb burgers at The Heights and BGR and I have Bourbon Steak lined up next. Any other recommendations? Thanks!

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  1. What did you think of BGR and The Heights? I tried BGR's about a year ago and was somewhere between neutral and mildly disappointed, though I can't recall the details.

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      Forgot to mention the lamb burger at Del Frisco Grille. Better than BGR and The Heights. Cheaper but not as good as Central.

      I feel the same way about all the burgers at BGR. Most of their specialty options are disappointing.

      The lamb burger at The Heights might've been my least favorite mainly because the meat was cooked through. After I got the burger I realized the server never asked me how I wanted it. So shame on me for not asking and shame on them for overcooking.

      Both places served their burgers with their version of tzaziki as well.

    2. As I recall EatBar used to have a good one in Arlington.

      1. I make my own. I mince fresh garlic and add crumbled feta to the inside. I actually like it with Dijon mustard and raw sliced vidalia on top. I may have to venture out and try the restaurant versions.

        1. I had a good one at Cava in Clarendon last week. It was on the lunch menu. It had some spicy red sauce on top and was quite tasty.

          1. i think they have lamb burgers at Eat Bar in Clarendon...or is it goat?? my hubby loves them but they are a little gamey for my taste all the way around!!