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What sides with Salmon croquettes?

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I'm speaking of the typical Southern style salmon patty. Canned salmon, egg, bread crumbs and pan fried.

I like them but don't really ever know what to serve with them.

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  1. You can't go wrong with a salad, or your favorite veg. Something with a nice bright flavor to balance the mellowness of the croquettes.

    When I was a kid we always had salmon croquettes served with creamed corn.

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    1. In-season sliced tomatoes with a lemon vinaigrette, buttered petit pois, creamed spinach or kale, or definitely the green salad suggested by benbenberi.

      1. I too think of something bright and fresh....
        -salad/coleslaw with a tangy dressing
        -green bean and cherry tomato salad with lemon vinaigrette
        -roasted brussels sprouts with balsamic and toasted nuts
        -sauteed sugar snap peas and carrots with fresh mint

        1. I make salmon croquettes for my husband who loves them,not me at all.Favored sides,in season corn is #1 and 4Snisl got all the rest but one,stir fry cabbage.

          1. I make mine always with couscous (from a box, a spicy one) and frozen peas. Great combination.

            1. My mother always served them with grits and stewed tomatoes.

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                Alright! the grits and tomatoes are the first to pique my interest. Maybe more of a tomato gravy instead of my idea of stewed tomatoes. The salmon, and tomato gravy would also go with rice.

                Thank you.

              2. Mac n cheese and cooked greens

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                  Sounds close to what i grew up with, but better.
                  Growing up a common meal was salmon croquettes, Kraft Mac and cheese and canned Le Seur peas. This was often replicated with a different main course.

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                    My mom usually served them with the Kraft mac and cheese (the kind with cheese powder) and steamed cabbage and cornbread.

                    I actually sounds good to me now that I'm hungry. When I started the thread it did not. : )

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                      Everything that you said sounds good to me, except the Kraft Mac and cheese, now that i have had better Mac and cheese.
                      We also had the croquettes served with Knorr white sauce mix from the package.

                2. Sweet potato fries.......

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                    You have to make homemade mayonaise and a side of creamy mashed potatoes with lots of pepper and butter in them a side dish of french green beans would complete the whole thing.Now I'm hungry.

                    1. Pretty much anything goes, but just as with Salmon Loaf, I try to keep it simple. Usually just boiled or steamed buttered fresh green beans or broccoli, maybe some french fries or home fries, & a green salad.

                      Sometimes I'll make Hollandaise Sauce to accompany salmon cakes, croquettes, or loaf, in which case asparagus makes a nice side to go with the sauce.

                      (If I'm in a particularly "southern" mood, somtimes I'll cook the green beans with a can of stewed tomatoes.)

                        1. Sweet potato fries. Tarter sauce for the patties and ketchup for the fries. And some of you may need to close your eyes here_canned peas with plenty of butter. Along with crescent rolls or biscuits and more butter. One Of my favorite meals and great comfort food. I really love this meal

                          1. in our house the salmon patties are a side when we have soup beans. Soup beans, salmon patties, fried potaoes and cornbread...with a big old dallop of chow chow

                            1. Another vote for sweet potato fries - or seasoned baked sweet potato wedges. Mayonnaise for dipping the fries and the salmon patties.
                              Something green, cold and crunchy like cucumber and carrot salad on the side.

                              1. The classic sauce is a cream sauce with english peas in it. Basically a bechamel. This sauce is to a croquette, what an olive is to a Martini.

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                                  I seem to recall making a sauce like that years ago to serve over Salmon Loaf. Like you state, pretty much just a bechamel with peas, but mine also had chopped fresh dill in it.