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Nov 1, 2012 07:04 AM

Thanksgiving Mail Order Tips

Good morning-
I am looking to send some great food to Colorado for Thanksgiving. What are some of your favorite online mail order foodstuffs? It does not have to be typical Thanksgiving fare but should include a meat (best turkey ever, ham, steak, etc.). I would also not like to spend over $100. It will be feeding 4-6 people. It could also just be meat and we could do sides locally. Please help!

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  1. Greenberg's smoked turkey is a good pick and they are dependable.

    1. My hands-down favorite is "Burgers Smokehouse". I've been ordering from them for DECADES - both for myself and for gifts & the quality, customer service, & pricing is top-notch.

      For the past several years I've gifted my parents with their holiday "gift (as in meat) of the month", & they've been ecstatic. And at the moment, I still have half of a wonderful sliced ham from them in my own freezer. Over the years we've enjoyed their smoked turkey, smoked chicken, smoked duck, smoked quail, smoked pheasant, bacon, & ham. Delicious!!

      You can't go wrong with these people. Oh, & before you gasp at the prices, keep in mind that ALL prices already include shipping (which, since it's meat, means overnight or 2-day).

      For a Thanksgiving gift, unless you know the recipients won't already be having turkey for Thanksgiving, I'd vote for a non-turkey gift, since most folks are turkeyed to death this time of year & would most likely enjoy a non-turkey food gift more.