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Nov 1, 2012 06:38 AM

Who carries wide variety of Polar seltzer flavors

With the sad news of my neighborhood Johnnies Foodmaster (Somerville) closing, I'm wondering where else I can go to find the more elusive flavors of Polar seltzer such as Orange Vanilla.

Any tips? I like to buy the cases of cans, not the 2-liter bottles. Close to Somerville, Cambridge, Boston, etc would be best to know about. Thx!

(I regularly check Shaws, Target, etc but they all seem to carry the three most popular flavors and that's it.)

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  1. Try CVS - it's where I was finding the orange mango flavor this summer. Not a fan of the winter/christmas flavors, although I did pick up a bottle of chocolate mint to try.

    edit: Just saw your request for cans - I've never seen the special flavors in cans, only 1 liter bottles.

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    1. re: LStaff

      Ah, worth a look at cvs anyway.

      1. re: LStaff

        The seasonal flavors do seem to only come in liters, but orange vanilla definitely came in cans - we got a 12-pack box last summer.

        kdl: I'm surprised you haven't had luck at Shaw's - we get plenty of variety at the Packard's Corner Star, as well as at Stop & Shop (usually the one out near Russo's.) We've also found a good variety of Polar seltzers in 6-packs at the Ocean State Job Lot in Waltham.

        1. re: Allstonian

          Yes, and for short money, too: $1.65 a six-pack, which is way cheaper than the 12-packs unless they're on sale for $2.50 apiece.

      2. I go to the Shaw's in Porter Square and the local Stop & Shop. They typically have a dozen or so flavors to choose from. I stock up on Orange Vanilla and Granny Smith Apple whenever I go. As LStaff says, most of the special flavors are only in the 1-liter bottles, but I'm pretty sure I saw Orange Vanilla in cans there.

        Just picked up bottles of the new Butter Rum and Boston Cream Pie flavors at Stop & Shop -- the Butter Rum is pretty good!

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        1. re: Boston_Otter

          Granny Smith Apple sounds great! I'll have to head over to Porter. I swear the Central Sq Shaws doesn't have the same variety but maybe that has changed. Thanks!

          1. re: Boston_Otter

            HOLD THE PRESSES!
            Butter rum?
            I'm on it!

            1. re: pinehurst

              Granny Smith Apple tastes just like biting into an apple. It's my favorite.

              The Butter Rum does an amazing job of tasting like butterscotch for something that's sugar-free. The Boston Cream Pie... not as successful. I can taste the chocolate and the cream, but it's weirdly salty. I haven't tried the Eggnog or Mint Chocolate flavors yet.

              1. re: Boston_Otter

                I've tried the Eggnog, it was pretty good. Actually captured the eggnog flavor. I saw the Butter Rum, I'll give it a try soon.

                kdl, today I was at the Shaws on Comm Ave in Allston, and they have the orange vanilla in cans.

          2. I live near this Foodmaster too, but go to the Market Basket in Burlington for most of my shopping. They have tons of flavors in cans, we usually stock up when they are on sale...and yeah that orange vanilla flavor is great! I think the cases of cans are something like 4/$10 or $12 when they are on sale, regular $4/ea maybe? All I remember is that when they are on sale, we get a lot.

            If you don't want to head to Burlington, you could try the Market Basket in Somerville. I haven't been in there in years though.

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            1. re: rknrll

              +1 for the mb in somerville. not only do they have a large selection of flavors, the regular price is 79-cents. this week, the sale price is 3/$2

              1. re: wonderwoman

                I'm assuming those prices are for the liter bottles. Again, worth keeping in mind that the OP is looking for cans, not liters.

                1. re: wonderwoman

                  Excellent to know about MB Somerville! Thanks!

              2. If you can get to North Quincy via car, head to the Ocean State Job Lot. They always seems stocked with tons of different flavors of Polar Seltzer in cans.

                1. Ocean State Job Lot in Medford, near Wellington circle, has tons of cans, lots of flavors.