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Nov 1, 2012 06:16 AM

Ideas for using mead in cooking?

My brother-in-law makes his own mead and has given us a bottle. But neither of us drinks. We DO use spirits in cooking, though.
Does anyone have any ideas about how to use up mead in cooking? What will the honey flavour go with? I believe it's also got some spices in it.

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  1. My only suggestion would be to test it as a braising liquid.

    1. You are very blessed to have such a generous brother-in-law -- mead, even spiced mead, is difficult to find here anymore.

      I would use it in a marinade for chicken or other poultry, if you want something savory.
      That would let the spices into the meat. I think the flavor might get lost when marinading ribs, but the taste would probably be wonderful.

      You might also use it instead of brandy to keep a Christmas plum pudding moist. It might contribute to excellent baklava.

      I just googled for
      mead dessert recipes
      and found some that might be fun.