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Oct 31, 2012 11:47 PM

Recommendations for Must eats by Washington Plaza Hotel

Hi there, my friends and I are coming to Washington DC in early November and will be staying for about 5 days or so and we wanted some thoughts about the following:
1) High end restaurant. What would be your top two recommendations?
2) Must try restaurants in the Washington DC area (top 2 recommendations)
3) Must try breakfast place (top 2 recommendations)

If there's another link or if this has been asked before, please send me the link.


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  1. that's the one up above Thomas Circle, right? if so, too bad it'll be cold, as that one has a killer MCM pool deck. try to get rooms with a South view. but you're in walking distance of Logan Circle. lots of new fresh places there, try using that as the search term. and Penn Quarter isn't silly far (and it's a downhill walk there - easy cab back)

    my wish list
    1. high-end includes: Komi and CityZen. minibar is impossible to reach and anyway I've been, Andres' other places are very good at a much lower price point (just not as giddy).
    2. must try: Rasika (been) and Little Serow (wanna).
    3. I don't do breakfast.

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      OT trivia - your hotel is one of Morris Lapidus' few works outside of Florida (he's best known for the Hotel Fontainebleu in Miami). also 2 blocks down Mass Ave the interiors of that creepy gothic church, St. Agnes and Ascension, were used in the movie "The Exorcist"

    2. High end: Komi and Rogue 24.

      Must try: Little Serow (if you like hot and spicy northern Thai food) and Rasika

      DC isn't really a breakfast town. However, The Tabbard Inn does a great Sun. brunch - I think they also do breakfast every day. Given the quality of their Sun. brunch, their weekday breakfasts are probably very good, and the setting is beautiful, especially the courtyard outside, though we may be beyond that, weather-wise.

      If you could be more specific about your likes and dislikes, it would be helpful to those of us trying to come up with suggestions.

      1. 1) Komi because they do fine dining in a really wonderful way that is elevating and just so tasty. Also Fiola for just some killer good food.
        2) Agreed on Rasika and haven't been to Little Serow. If you want sushi closeby Zentan has good sushi.
        3) If you are available Saturday for brunch then The Source's dim sum and Sou'Wester also does a good breakfast. If you need it to be closeby, I haven't been, but have heard good things about Birch & Barley.

        1. I live relatively near there, so I would say for high end nearby, definitely include Birch and Barley. I love it. The service is perfect, and the desserts are crave worthy. You likely need a reservation, but if you can't get one and are willing to eat at the bar, go for that - the bartenders are friendly and attentive. My husband and I do that when we don't plan in advance enough.

          Same with Rasika - my favorite DC restaurant - if you go early enough, sit at the lounge. Same great service and food, without 3 month wait for a good time slot. You can walk from that hotel.

          Breakfast - the area is pretty slim. If you want something fast, you can walk up 14th St to Caribou coffee, or even Commissary. Another weekday breakfast face is Teaism - you could go to the Penn Quarter one or the Dupont one - everything is walkable, or a quick cab ride if you don't want to walk. Near the Dupont Teaism is Bethesda Bagel - I love their bagels and, again, if you don't want a full on restaurant spot, that would be my pick - great bagels for non-New York.

          i've been to Zentan, and while it's convenient, I wasn't that impressed. It was pretty empty and what I remember of our order was sort of bland, however it was an interesting menu and service was good.

          Nearby (walkable) is also Central, which would be a good spot to hit up. Second to that, I love Bibiana. Italian in a great environment, same "restaurant group" as Rasika.

          1. High end: Obelisk. you can look at my past posts about it on here...5 course prix fixe N. italian with what's fresh at market each day. it's in dupont circle.
            One of my other faves if you like to dress up and be pampered is 1789...oldie but goodie in georgetown. The pres took the german chancellor there recently. And i saw some Exorcist trivia on another post...1789 is right across the street from the exorcist house and the exorcist steps... :)

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              1789 is a great institution and it IS by the steps, but the house is somewhere else. clever editing and camera shots.

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                really? i always heard it was the house right by the steps...if you look at that house and watch the movie, they look the same! i'll be darned!!