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November 2012 Cookbooks of the Month: The Union Square Cafe Cookbook and Second Helpings from Union Square Cafe

A new month, COTM folks, and two new books. Both by Danny Meyer and Michael Romano, they contain recipes from New York City's Union Square Cafe, which opened in 1985! According to the Facebook page for this restaurant, it was not damaged by hurricane Sandy, and will be open again soon (probably by now.) I found a very recent review of the place too, full of compliments!

So, very good for them *and* for us -- a month of fine eats beginning and ending with thanks.

Much more information about this Cookbook of the Month group can be found in the archives,
and in the nominating thread, http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/872907
and in the voting thread, http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/873713
and the winner announcement thread http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/874419

Please use these threads to report.

The Union Square Cafe Cookbook

Appetizers 1 - 68
Salads 69 - 88
Soups 89 - 108
Sandwiches, Eggs, Lunch Salads 109 - 130

Main Courses 131 -214
Vegetables, Side Dishes, Condiments 215 -266

Desserts 267 - 308
Pantry Staples 309 - 320


Second Helpings from Union Square Cafe

Appetizers 3 - 22
Soups 23 - 44
Salads 45 - 62
Pasta and Risotto 63 - 108

Main Courses 109 - 198
Vegetables 199 - 230

Side Dishes and Condiments 231 - 264
Desserts 265 - 314
Pantry 315 - 322

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  1. Isn't it curious that there's been no discussion of these books this month. I got rather a late start myself but plan to pick up the pace as we move along through the month. For a while I was in a kind of cooking ennui state but feel a renewed energy edging forward. Oh well... on to the Pasta thread to report on my latest recipe.

    1. I wish my copy had arrived so that I *could* discuss at least the first book. I'm so bummed! I emailed the seller on Thursday and they shipped another copy on Friday, but by the time I finally get it, November could be over.

      1. It's been mentioned elsewhere that the US election, the hurricane, and probably Thanksgiving coming have dampened zeal / muffled conversation about these books. There have been a few reports of disappointment with these books as well -- from me and others. (To be fair, my cooking is limited, just two of us and he's not that interested.) So I don't know if we're giving this month's selection a just look or not. But so far (to me) it seems like an excellent and popular restaurant decided to publish a cookbook, but the book quality and accuracy was not a priority.

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        1. re: blue room

          I like the books. Maybe don't love them, but like them. I've got a fairly good list of things I'd like to make from each, but my husband has been gone for a week, and we're leaving to join him tomorrow, so my chances of cooking from the USC books during USC month have been pretty limited.

        2. I just got the book last week. I too have been diverted by hurricane/election/thanksgiving but I've looked through the book and marked a few recipes to try.

          1. I haven't received my book yet either.

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            1. re: greedygirl

              It's finally arrived and looks like it's been chewed by a dog on the spine!

            2. I am hoping to make my first recipe from the book today. My impression flipping through the book was it was clearly a restaurant cook book. Long ingredient lists and some fussy preparations and garnishes, plus lots of cream in some of the dishes. I do have a bunch of recipes flagged though, so I'm hopeful I'll get the time to make some of those.

              1. I have cancelled my library request. The reviews of recipes from the book combined with my husband's request for Chinese food dampened my enthusiasm. And we are still in the Winter of Soup, but the soups I have been enjoying just don't need recipes.

                I don't really understand why the book hasn't come however. There appeared to many books available. Perhaps they have disappeared from the shelves?

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                1. re: smtucker

                  Maybe they are all coming from sellers who were impacted by Sandy? And I'm being serious. As for me, I can't explain why I've been waylayed. Election, visitors, blah blah blah. I'm taking time off for Thanksgiving but that's, you know, Thanksgiving.


                  1. re: The Dairy Queen

                    In my case, I specifically chose a seller in the Seattle area so that it would have as little distance to travel as possible. I realize sometimes the folks at Canada Customs open up the parcels to have a look, and perhaps a foodie border guard who has fond memories of eating at the restaurant decided to help him/herself to my first book :-P Just kidding! My second copy supposedly also shipped from Seattle, so it wouldn't have been a Sandy thing. I am watching the mailbox.

                    1. re: The Dairy Queen

                      Mine was dispatched way before Sandy. The actual pages are all fine (unlike my last Ebay reseller book which had significant water damage). It's just the spine which looks like it's been chewed by something!