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Oct 31, 2012 11:23 PM

What has happened to Bistrot Bistro?

It looks as if it has closed and La Cigale has replaced it.

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  1. Sold to the La Regalade folks.

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    1. re: Anne M

      Actually now that I have looked at the website I see that it is the "former" co-owner of La Regalade and her son.

      1. re: Anne M

        Hmmm. Sounds like either they're divesting family ownership for each of the three restos, or Mrs. Raye is no longer "Mrs." and has partnered up with the younger son to start up Cigale.

    2. Farewell lovely chocolate mousse :-(

      1. Sorry to hear that BB has closed. I love Cafe Regalade but will also miss the more rustic fare and slightly lower price point of BB, as well as the warm welcome of the hosts.
        Anyone know if Valerie and Laurent plan to open another restaurant?

        1. and the recipe for BB chocolate mousse is online, making it for dinner tomorrow night...

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            So has anyone been yet? I guess it is the younger son and mum. Funny that they ended up so close to Steeve...

            They have a $30 prix fixe tomorrow night with resos still available if anyone is looking for a last min NYE eats.

          2. We had dinner at La Cigale last week. Sadly, we were disappointed. A traditional onion soup was gummy and tasteless; a daube of beef was terribly oversalted; a beet and parmigiana starter was composed of nice ingredients, but was underseasoned; and a sauteed calamari was completely boring. The best memory was a half loaf of focaccia served at the outset of the meal.

            The front of the house was great. They are trying, but whoever is doing the cooking needs some taste buds or should be replaced forthwith.