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Oct 31, 2012 11:16 PM

Dublin - Great Breakfast

We're set for dinners in Dublin next week but I'd love to hear the favourite places for a good breakfast in the centre of town. We don't eat a huge breakfast, so a large menu is OK but not necessary.

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  1. The very thought of your visit makes me nervous..please be kind :)

    For breakfasts other than the greasy spoon rubbish (which do come in handy sometimes!) go for Avoca Cafe on Suffolk St, the Bakehouse on Bachelors Walk, Cafe Tiesan on Harrington St.
    Bewleys on Grafton st is a lovely room, if a bit traditional.

    There is now serious 'third wave' coffee in Dublin too - try Cup on Nassau St with a simple breakfast menu, Fixx on Dawson St or 3fe on grand canal st or coffee angel on south anne st, off grafton st.

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      Thanks very much for all the suggestions. Relax and don't be nervous. :-)

      My Dublin-based friend is meeting us one day at the Bald Barista on Aungier St. He seems to think the coffee there is very good and/or maybe it's a convenient location. He's probably going to drive us out of town for some change of scene. I still have fond memories of the Avoca Cafe out in Mull's Gap - always a reliable spot.

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        The Bald Barista is a tiny place that serves great coffee. Enjoy!

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          Note that the seating are of the Bald Barista is shared with the hostel that houses the shop. It can get quite crazy during peak breakfast time, which is a shame as it's the closest coffee shop to my apartment when I'm in Dublin. (I find it very annoying, and it can take 15 minutes to get a cup of coffee, but they do make a nice flat white.)

          I've been dying to get to 3FE, but they're not on my way to work on weekdays and don't open until 10 on weekends.

          As for breakfast, Avoca does a very tasty breakfast (although no black pudding if I remember correctly). I'm also a fan of Green Nineteen for their brunch.

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            We were lucky and got to the Bald Barista about 1, and it was fairly empty for some reason. It was a meeting spot, and my husband did like the coffee. I had a really tasty cheese toastie sandwich.

            We had a very good lunch at Avoca one day and a breakfast at famed Bewley's was very reasonable for some delicious pancakes, and I'm an American snob when it comes to pancakes. Their version was really, really good. I definitely need to return for more tastings of Dublin.

            Fallon & Bryne carries my favorite pretzels of all times and impossible to find easily in the UK. I was in heaven but my carry on bag was really heavy!

    2. Avoca Cafe - Breakfast
      Wall & Keogh - Tea

      1. I think the Bald Barista owns Fixx on Dawson St - another one for great coffee on Aungier St is the Humble Bean.

        1. Thanks all - sounds like my friend knows his coffee spots.

          1. I like Elephant & Castle. I am gluten free and there was nice choices for that too. We went as a group and everyone enjoyed their meal.

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              A bit late as I'm just back home, but I'll remember for next time. Thanks, merrua.