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Oct 31, 2012 10:45 PM

newbie. In search of... Vachon pastries for a dear friend's birthday present.

Hi, I here am new. (Yes, I'm also a Star Trek fan.)

I got intrigued by this board because it came up in the list of hits that I got when I was trying to find grocery stores that [hopefully] brought Canadian products to the united states.

I saw these two threads:

And I'm wondering if anyone knows of a store/place/website within the US, and maybe even within the Boston area that would carry these items.


Ah, Caramel:

Jos Louis.

I've found some Canadian sites that will ship to the US but the shipping is crazy, and international.
I guess I can't dodge that, but, if someone sees it in a store, could they please let me know where and how much?

I'd be willing to pay shipping from a gourmet shop in another part of the US.

Thanks so much in advance.

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  1. I would start by calling Cardullo's in Harvard Square --

    Phone: 617-491-8888 | Toll-free : 800-491-8288

    They sell a lot of imported goods, and if they neither carry it nor can order it, they may be able to help you along with your quest.

    1. My Market Basket is carrying two different types, one is the "May West" and the other is a "Flaky Pastry" I think. They are located on top of a case in the dairy/cheese aisle. Most of the Market Baskets carry all of the same products, so you should try your local store.

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        1. Market Basket in Burlington has Ah Caramel and several other pastries between the produce aisle and the freezers.

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            As a lover of chocolate and caramel, these look interesting. However, not usually a fan of processed supermarket dessert items. Anyone ever tried these?

            1. re: tweetie

              These are the LIttle Debbie cakes of Canada. If you didn't grow up with them they are not worth eating. And I am not saying this because I grew up with them and want all of them for myself. Ah Caramel! and Jos louis just make me think of my childhood!