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Oct 31, 2012 10:36 PM

Out of town family, HELP....

My DH's Aunt is coming in from PA next week and every time we visit her she's kind enough to make a spread of food for us so I'd like to return the favor....I am, while not Michelin Star caliber in the cooking department a pretty decent cook. What I need to know is what would any other chowhounds suggest for a dinner? She will probably only eat at my house one night as she has other family to visit...and if there is a recipe I haven't made yet I'm not afraid to try it out. I'm not looking so much to impress as I am to "pay it forward" as this is the first time she will be coming to MY house instead. Thank you!!!

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  1. What part of the country do you live in?

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    1. I would try to do some sort of regional specialty being that your guests are from so far away. How about a nice chili Colorado with all the proper topping choices...chopped onion, shredded cheese, sour cream, cilantro, warm tortillas on the side.

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          or if you have a dish that you personally feel you excel at making, serve that.

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            I'd be with hotoynoodle's suggestion. Go with something you cook well and enjoy eating and you won't go wrong

      1. Does she have any food issues you need to be aware of? I only thought of that because some folks are not spicy food lovers so would want to check before serving chili. (Sorry to say that some foods I've always loved are now ones I have to avoid....sigh)

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          Also depending which part of PA she is from, there are very definite ideas of what is TOO Spicy.

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            no kidding. I go TO PA every year and am stunned at what they think is too spicy i.e. "madium queso" dip from a jar.

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              Ha! Ha! you NOT kidding! As I posted on another thread, PA is home to chili served with the sugar bowl on the side.

        2. She might also be interested in learning about cooking a mile high. As in, time to boil water, etc.

          1. If i were visiting...or simply invited to your neck of the woods, i would love to have a Colorado Leg of Lamb.......simple sides, like green beans and mashed potatoes. Nothing fussy.

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              I agree with keeping it local and seasonal. A nice hearty soup or stew (I love green chile pork, but the spice factor may not work) and a crunchy salad and a yummy loaf of bread. As a guest, I love this menu.