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Oct 31, 2012 09:16 PM

New Zealand brewpubs/breweries

will be in NZ over Christmas and New Years. We're beer and food lovers.

Any suggestions for beer sites not to miss?

We'll be hitting Christchurch, Akaroa, Marlborough, Wellington, Napier and Auckland. Rotorua maybe.


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  1. not sure about beer sites, but my very favorite beers are from NZ these days. top of the list is hopwired IPA by 8 wired brewing. The other is Armageddon made by Epic.

    If you get to Melbourne (just a short flight away), check out Josie Bones with a great list of beers.

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      I enjoyed my tour of Monteiths in Greymouth if you pass through on the east coast.

    2. One for Auckland - Hallertau is fairly good -

      Also, if you're a fan of port, Mazuran's in Henderson (Auckland) have an open cellar dating through to 1942.

      1. I've had many a pints at Pig & Whistle in Rotorua and the food is quite good too.
        Lovely historic building...nothing like Steinlager out of a keg in NZ.
        Make sure you hit up the mud baths while your there.

        1. We've got some great beers in NZ at the moment. In Auckland, Hallertau, Deep Creek Brewery, The Britomart Brewery are all awesome and easy to get to around Auckland. The Waiheke Island Brwery is definitely worth a trip across the harbour on the ferry.
          When you drive out to Akaroa be sure to stop at Barry's Bay Cheese Factory is a must stop. The cheese is fab!
          Hope this helps :)

          1. In Rotorua there is a beer place downtown called BREW that has a variety of their own beers on tap and makes a fun stop.

            In Wellington, I was really impressed by the variety and range of craft brews at Hashigo Zake, a fun dark bar only a couple blocks from the Te Papa museum. We were there at after work time on Thursday and they had free nibbles at the bar, too. Sushi, duck breast on crackers, etc. I'm from California, living in Sydney and haven't seen so many craft beers from my beloved West Coast in a while. I didn't try them as I was more interested in the NZ beers, but the breadth of coverage they had was amazing.