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Meat cocktail party?

I'm looking for finger food ideas. Should I plan on a dairy cocktail party, or can I do meat? How many different items don't need (besides desserts, chocolate, veggies, chips and nuts) thanks!

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    1. Salsa and tortilla chips.

      1. meat balls can be yummy as can be the little cocktail weenies in grape jelly and sauce
        I vote for meat:)

        1. For more food ideas I'd look eleswhere on Chow and just adjust as needed to fit your needs.

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              I dunno. Normally, I'd say yes, but almost EVERY SINGLE hors d'oeuvres or appetizer recipe I see here involves cheese, pork/shellfish, or both. Honestly, the one time I hosted such a function, I found it easier to go dairy.

              Shotglasses of cold soup? Bruschetta? Vegetables dipped in pesto (not very seasonal) or other pareve dip? Things (figs, bits of melon) wrapped in pastrami?

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                Gila, want inspiration and guidance for flieshige appetizers? just click on sample menus of large kosher caterers' websites and find a ton of ideas.

                I generally host a few business cocktail hours in our home each year and they are all fleishige.
                Mini knishes, pastrami wraps, liver and mushrooms, stuufed mushrooms (bread crumbs and ground meat) grilled meat/veg skewers, sweet and sour chicken, mini egg rolls, crackers spread with chopped liver. meat balls, mini franks, crudites served with a pareve creamy Italian dressing for the dip, chicken lollipops made by using the 2 bone joint of the wing, skinning and pulling the meat down-dipping in batter and frying. the bones serv as a-the handle for dipping and eating.
                The possibilities are endless.....................................

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                  Agreed. Which is why I said not to go to the rest of Chowhound, excellent a resource as it generally.

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                    when using a non-kosher site as a resource for non-dairy I usually use Vegan in my search. It helps eliminate the dairy and shellfish.

            2. Mini egg rolls, beef/chicken satay, meatballs as someone else mentioned. bourakas

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                Make your own egg rolls? I never have. Maybe it's time to try...

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                  I do it 3-4 time a year - its a favorite of my kids

              2. Franks in blankets, or as they are called in Hebrew: Moshe b'tayva (love the Hebrew name!)

                1. Teriyaki marinated flank steak thin sliced across the grain on 4 or 6 inch wooded skewers quickly seared over a screaming hot grill to rare. Just before service, one more baste, then just enough screaming hot grill to brown and serve with a Teriyaki glaze sauce.

                  Also, just saw add for Restaurant Depot, under 15 ct wild caught gulf white shrimp about $8.00 lb. Can do cocktail day before and just pull from the frig. & serve.

                  Homemade scallops wrapped in bacon. Cheaper wet scallops work better as they take longer to cook and allow the bacon to crisp better.

                  Also look at wanton wrappers. Can stuff them with anything and they come out great.

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                    Thanks Tom34. Are you lost? This is the kosher site.

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                      Sorry, I thought I was on the regular board. I was trying to think of things that could be prepped in advance and finished just before service to "get you out of the kitchen and with your guests". I don't know a lot about Kosher cooking. Many different cuts of beef as well as chicken can be done Teriyaki Style and as long as it is not over cooked it is usually well received. Many cold appetizers can be made with smoked fish. Seasoned meatballs on a tooth pick would also be great especially if your butcher ground the meat fresh for you. To be on this site you must be a foodie and I am just trying to thing of things that would give your guests that wow factor but not make you a slave to the kitchen.

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                        Appreciated. Since I have you here, let me ask you another teo more questions. I anticipate 40-50 people. How many different cooked appetizers should I have? And how many of each?

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                          I would think 6 to 8 per person. 40 to 50 people is quite challenging. Are you going to have help? I was also thinking Lamb Chops like Ocshooter below but they are very costly at this time, especially for 40 to 50 people. Budget, help & your sanity are critical factors to WOW 40 to 50 people. The KISS factor might be in order if your largely on your own.

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                            I was also thinking fresh #1 grade tuna rubbed with sesame oil coated with toasted sesame seeds cooked 1/8 inch each side, rare to raw in the middle, thin sliced. This could be done a day a head of time and should impress fellow foodies.

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                                Come on Little Wave, pull it early, refrig it, and serve it cold with a spicy soy based sauce. Folks will be talking about it for a long time to come and 95% of the work is done a head of time. Key is to toast the sesame seeds golden brown before cooking. Think cold for 40 -50 people with out prof help.

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                        Do you thi I the wantons need to be cooked same day? Are they dry otherwise? I think yet can be very pretty.

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                          If they are fried... same day would keep them crisp...they fry extremely fast & very little smell because there are no bread crumbs falling off in the oil and burning in the bottom of the pan.

                          Steaming or boiling could be done in advance but may may want to reheat with a moist towel to keep the edges from getting hard.

                          The wanton wrappers are very cheap & readily avail in most supermarkets. Given you have until Jan, buying a pack of wrappers and experimenting a little might be a good idea.

                          You can use a fork or a cheap plastic dumpling maker/mold that crimps the edge like a set of false teeth.

                      3. You can do meat, or at least non-dairy, no problem.

                        Hummus and babaganoush are both easy dips without dairy.

                        Meatballs and lamb chops are simple to do.

                        You can do mini beef tacos as long as you can source out the tortillas. Take a ring mold and trim out the centers of the tortillas to make them smaller. add steak or chicken, onion, tomato and cilantro.

                        Chicken wings are easy.

                        Veggie platters are simple, you just need to change out the dip for something non-dairy, but you can pair it with hummus.

                        Veggie spring rolls or egg rolls are fine.

                        Mini tuna fish and egg salad sandwiches are easy, again if you get the non-dairy breads.

                        Though I would never do it because I think it is disgusting, you could even do soy cheese products, but you would probably need to make an announcement about it to no one freaks out.

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                        1. re: ocshooter

                          50 lbs. of lox and you'll be a hero.

                          1. re: latindancer

                            Yes, yes, I'm thinking lox. Can I serve it non dairy?

                            1. re: LittleWave

                              Tofutti cream cheese is an excellent parve substitute for the dairy version if you can't imagine serving lox without cream cheese.

                              1. re: queenscook

                                I am sorry, that fake cream cheese stuff tastes terrible. I would go low fat, but not soy based. Unfortunately, low fat is not going to be non-dairy.

                                You can do the lox without cream cheese. Lox on crackers with a little dill and red onion, a'la gravalox, is good, but it can get a bit salty depending on the lox and how much you eat.

                                You can also do lox 'sushi.' thinly sliced cucumber rolled with some lox. I think it would be great to do a salmon or salmon skin (which is cooked) roll with lox on the outside. the only problem would be sourcing the kosher sushi-grade salmon filets. Of course, if you can get Kosher sushi-grade fish, that opens up a whole new avenue for apps.

                        2. I am ignorant about kosher. Can someone fill me in on the reason(s) behind meat vs. dairy?

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                            One major aspect of the rules of kosher is that meat and dairy are kept separate, to the point that one has separate dishes/pots for meat and dairy, and waits several hours (the exact amount of time varies based on custom) after eating meat to eat dairy. As such, any kosher meal, party, etc. is going to serve either one or the other; foods that contain neither meat nor dairy are called 'pareve' and can be served with either category of food.

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                              Thanks. That is interesting -

                          2. My husband's idea for if you want to do meat - buy a box of the Cohen's hors d'oeuvres and serve them. You know the huge boxes they at club stores. You will have made them - you did reheat them in your oven:)

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                              PP is your husband still in college boy mode? Sounds like snacks for Sunday Football watching

                              1. re: bagelman01

                                I have a freezer full of homemade appetizers. Husband BEGS for the cohens stud from Costco!

                                1. re: cheesecake17

                                  I'm with Mr. Poodle.

                                  Another point though...if this is a party, do people want to make themselves fleishig for a few bites of a hotdog? I once attended a party like that and came home grumpy and hungry and full of calories.

                                2. re: bagelman01

                                  Sunday football is nachos or quesadillas. I dont eat either one or even watch football but I shop for some who do.

                                  1. re: SoCal Mother

                                    MMMM coming to your home this Sunday unless you serve food to Dallas fans. Even my football loving poodle HATED them! MY late poodle Shane belived he was an EAGLE!:)

                                    1. re: ThePrettypoodle

                                      Dallas? where's that?
                                      Born and raised in CT, BUT I went to UofP in Philadelhia all those years ago (40). Lived at 42nd and Osage before Rizzo blew up the neighborhood.
                                      Eagles, Phillies, Flyers. Basketball at the Palestra.
                                      Wife's cousin's husband played for the Steelers.
                                      Half time snacks>>>Soft Pretzels with mustard and Red Creme soda. Now where can I find a bottle of Ortleibs?

                                      1. re: bagelman01

                                        Dallas is the home of the team that my late but SMART poodle Shane GROWLED at! He was an EAGLE:)
                                        no help with the beer - sorry dont drink it anymore

                                    2. re: SoCal Mother

                                      Let me start by saying I hate football. The last game I attended was in 1962 and Sam Huff was playing for the NY Giants. BUT, my kids and their gang watch football while dad makes the snacks and supervises what they drink.
                                      We're more likely to make nachos with gvround meat than cheese.............

                                      1. re: bagelman01

                                        Nachos with faux crab and cheese are the BEST!

                                        1. re: ThePrettypoodle

                                          Ok, I am originally from the Philly area but I do know nachos. They do NOT have crab!

                                          Nachos are a seriously unhealthy mixture of refried beans, sour cream, guacamole, pico de gallo ( salsa ) and jalapenos poured over tortilla chisp (corn) and topped with shredded cheese. The whole thing gets microwaved somewhere in the middle ( before the sour cream, avacado and salsa i assume ) and should only be made on a paper plate so Mom doesnt have to scrape melted cheese off of the plate that the kids allegedly washed.

                                          I think there might be olives in there somewhere as well. Trefe nachos have some meat in there someplace but then it starts to sound more like chili than nachos.

                                          Sorry if my typing is hard to read, i just got an ipad...

                                          1. re: SoCal Mother

                                            i ONCE, WHILE LIVING IN vIRGINIA btw made the BEST ever nachos with fux crab and cheese. YUM!

                                3. Black bean cakes topped with guacamole

                                  Sliders - either burger or pulled brisket with slaw - brisket might be easier to do in advance

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                                  1. re: Hanale

                                    Where can I get the little rolls? I love this idea.

                                    1. re: LittleWave

                                      Not sure where you are, but I found a thread about where to find pareve slider buns in the NYC area:


                                      1. re: Hanale

                                        Thanks! Sweet of you to search for me.

                                        1. re: LittleWave

                                          Krogers makes a great frozen roll that is pareve in their freezer section -

                                      2. re: LittleWave

                                        Several bakeries in my area will make mini challah rolls if ordered in advance. Might be worth a try

                                    2. mini smoked duck pizzas, focaccia bar (toasted baguette bites with different toppings), taco bar - the opportunities are endless!

                                      1. LittleWave, when is your party? Have you started narrowing down what you'll be making? I've considered hosting a cocktail party on a smaller scale and I'd love to hear what you decide and how it turns out.

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                                        1. re: Hanale

                                          No, party is scheduled for mid January. I'm planning on ordering 3 things and making 3. It'll be a Saturday night so in not sure how I'll cook/ heat everything.
                                          Menu is not finalized yet, but will likely include of the bought items, kibbe(kube), plus 2 other items, of the made items, mini leek pancakes, potato Bourekas, and something on a cucumber ring(scooped out) like lox or avocado. What do you think?
                                          I plan on having lots of other party goodies, nuts, crackers, chocolates, fruit, dry fruit, etc

                                          1. re: Hanale

                                            Oh, and the sliders are very tempting... And I was thinking to cook some spicy sausages and cut to bite size and serve with toothpicks. Very simple but yum!

                                            1. re: Hanale

                                              Ok, I'm reading my post and the menu is off... I think definitely the pulled brisket sliders, (talk about a crowd pleaser). I will need something on a skewer, so maybe the sausage with something else on there? And I think I'll make one I those eggplant dips. I'll probably skip the lox, it just doesn't fit in with the rest. Oh, and lots of olives...

                                              1. re: LittleWave

                                                The sausages with toothpicks sound good, + easy to make and to eat. Also mini leek pancakes.
                                                Potato bourekas, if home made, might be best bite sized, to reduce the mess factor.
                                                How about salsa on the cucumber rings? Won't go brown like avocado, nice contrast to the rich meat items.
                                                If you're having sliders, you'll need a place for ppl to wash & bentsch, unless you can find appropriate mezonot rolls. What about serving the pulled brisket in scooped out baked potato shells? W maybe a few potatoes left intact and brisket-less for vegetarians?
                                                For an interesting twist on the eggplant dip, you could roast whole eggplants, slash down the middle & drizzle w prepared tahina, serve warm or room temp with spoons for scooping plus crackers.
                                                Good luck.

                                            2. Reporting back- the party is over and it was a huge success. Thank all.
                                              Hanale, thanks for the pulled brisket sliders idea. They were fantastic and the biggest hit of the night. I played with the recipe a bit, but it's a great one and I recommend to all.
                                              About the slider buns: I called Pomegranite a couple of times and was assured that they have them. I schlepped my poor husband all the way there, and of course, they didn't!! Park East was the answer. Their sliders were good. I would have liked more of a dinner roll type of bread, and these were real buns(that were very fresh, unsliced) and turned out to be perfect. Thanks Park East.
                                              I also made leek pancakes, adapted from Aromas of Aleppo, but I use less eggs and add a little flour. I tried to make them on the small side. I fried them on argues day night for Saturday night and just heated and the oven. They were devoured!
                                              My potato Bourekas are the size and shape of franks in a blanket. Enough said.
                                              I bought mini koube in kings hwy and served with tehina.
                                              For fresh vegetable, I made a "salad on a stick" cucumber, red pepper and cherry tomato on a toothpick standing up in pretty rows.

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                                              1. re: LittleWave

                                                Thanks for getting back to us. It's always nice to hear what worked well.
                                                Did I miss it? I don't see the pulled brisket sliders recipe on this thread.

                                                1. re: helou

                                                  Sorry, I thought I got the link here.
                                                  I left out the oregano (I just don't like it) and added lots of wine. I also used the canned fire roasted tomatoes. This recipe is outrageously good. I will definitely make it again.

                                                  1. re: LittleWave

                                                    LOVE the salad on a stick idea
                                                    crudite kabobs- simple but i would have never thought to do that