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Oct 31, 2012 07:34 PM

How much garlic per week?

I am a garlic fanatic and just had a thought tonight - how much garlic do you use per week on average?

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  1. I probably eat on average about 6-8 cloves a day (and at least 1 raw clove a day). So in any given week, probably 6 big bulbs of garlic (probably being overly conservative, however).

    1. I LOVE garlic, but it is SO STRONG that I have to go easy on it. It can stay with me for a day or more.

      1. Usually 1 clove a day, sometimes 2

        1. About a bulb per week. I work hands-on in a hospital; my husband works with white-glove clients; so I try to minimize Dragon Breath in cooking, but we love love love garlic. If I know we've got a few days clear it's ON.

          1. I use it in one form or another nearly daily. Sometimes many cloves a day (i.e. roasting); other days about three. So far this week I've used a couple of heads of the stuff. Both my husband and I absolutely adore it.