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Oct 31, 2012 05:17 PM

Munchies for around the bonfire

I was supposed to be hosting a bonfire tomorrow night. However, our power has been out since Monday and isn't expected to be restored until Friday night. While it's true that electric power isn't necessary for a bonfire, it IS required in our case for running water, flushing toilets, etc. So the location has been changed and one of my friends will be hosting instead. Now my dilemma is what to bring along. I should mention that I've been camped out at a nearby hotel, so I don't have access to cooking facilities. Someone else is bringing a Mexican taco dip, so my original idea of tortilla chips and salsa would be redundant. S'mores are already being handled. My question -- what should I bring that's yummy and requires no cooking? Thanks!

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  1. A sundried tomato terrine. It's much better than you'd think--I would never have made it, except a friend brought it to a party and ti was delicious and the hit of the potluck. They're better when they've sat around at room temperature w/ crackers. I kind of wing it now but Nigella has a good one:

    I like to add goat cheese to it, kind of mixing that w/ this one:

    It's a pretty presentation, too.

    1. Excuse the mundane suggestion of hotdogs (on sticks!).

      1. Maybe get some tortillas, sliced meats and cheeses and some veggies to make wraps. Cut them into pinwheels to make them more finger-food.

          1. If you can cook over the bonfire a bit, then a quick trip to local grocer if open:

            Hot dogs (as per pinehurst below)
            Tomatoes (or grape toms)
            Pineapple chunks if desired
            Hot dog buns if desired
            Dressing/marinade of choice
            Wood skewers (longer = better)
            Baggies for marinating

            Soak skewers in water for a few hours
            Marinate toms, onions, pineapple for a few hours
            Slice hot dogs into chunks
            Assemble either mixed skewers or separate onions, toms, hot dog chunks, etc.

            Serve in a heap on plate or in a bun.