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Oct 31, 2012 05:02 PM

Holiday pies

Is there any bakery that makes fresh pies directly on their premises from scratch and not partial made pies from another place, that they finish up in their bakery?

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  1. I'm not sure what flavor you are looking for but the Pie in the Sky fundraiser for Manna has some great items.

    1. I have a great solution for you. Several years ago a co-worker was selling pies for her daughter's school's fundraising efforts just prior to Thanksgiving. I always buy stuff from everyone at work just to support them, so I ordered a dutch apple pie. The pie was delivered just before the holiday and I took it with me to the home of my friends where I had been invited for dinner. The pie was brought to the table after dinner and was huge. It looked like it was over 10" wide. It turned out to be the most scrumptous, fresh tasting, delicious pie I have ever eaten in my life. Despite the fact that there were 3 other desserts on the table that night, the pie was gone in no time. It was the hit of the meal.

      The name on the box was "Michel's". I found that they have their bakery in Philadelphia and that a few days before the holidays (Thanksgiving and Christmas) you can go there to their retail store on the premises and buy as many pies as you like at a very reasonable price. I cannot remember the price, but it was much less than I paid for the original one I bought at work. I have been going there every year to get pies since that first year.

      This is their info: (Website link below)
      Michel’s Bakery, Inc.
      5698 Rising Sun Avenue
      Philadelphia, PA 19120
      (215) 742-3900

      You can call and find out there hours when you can go to purchase from them directly.

      Here is the link to their website.

      I hope you love your pie as much as we did. YUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Garces Trading Company

        Pecan ... but calling them by those simple names does not do them justice.

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          Both great help. Thanks.
          I remember reading here of a bakery near Lansdale with a woman's name (starts with an "A" if I recall correctly). I was thinking of that place which is nearer me than center city. Does anyone happen to know what I am referring to?

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            Never mind! I just found it. Alice's Bakery in North Wales.
            I am headed there for lunch this weekend. Yeehah!

            1. re: arepo

              Alice's Bakery & Confectionary in North Wales. Their focus is more breads & cakes/pastries. I haven't noticed pies yet, but they do special items on Saturdays and as the holidays approach.

              Another option for you might be Tabora Farms on Main St. in Lansdale.

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                Thanks - I will check it all out.