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Oct 31, 2012 04:25 PM

Manhattan Asian Restaurants That Are Open After the Storm

I usually don't start new threads here but I wanted to get some info from those of you who live in the city. This is the last weekend I am in the tri-state area and I wanted to go to Manhattan to eat some good Asian food before I leave permanently. However, with the weather condition, a lot of places are closed :( I heard there is electricity in midtown and above so I might try to explore a couple of places anyway. If they are all closed, I might just have to stay local here in the suburb and eat at PF Chang (just kidding!).

Can you guys let me know if the following Asian restaurants are open or not? I am too lazy to call (and I called one of them but couldn't get through).

Wa Jeal
Wu Liang Ye
Peking Duck House 53rd Street (tried to call but nobody picked up).
Aburiya Kinnosuke
Szechuan Gourmet 56 Street
Shanghai Pavilion

Any other recos are welcome too! Thanks in advance!

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  1. PF Chang? go away!!! Just kidding. If anything, come to Flushing. The chef @ Bei Gan is cooking, calling a Taiwanese in your heart.

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    1. re: diprey11

      Ha... after I move to the midwest, I might have to get my Chinese food at PF Chang's and Big Bowl! I found out that I can look up a few places on-line via I also think Sakagura is open, based on what Eater NY is reporting. Hopefully by tomorrow and Friday there will be more options!

      1. re: bearmi

        You Midwesterners are so spoiled.... My only choice for a Taiwanese family-style restaurant in New York:

        Open tomorrow, and a day after, starting at 11 AM... Here is a review (the page has the address and the Google Maps location) from my favorite food critic, since he borrows all his opinions (but not knowledge) from ScoopG:

        1. re: diprey11

          That sounds good. Thanks for the info. I actually like Excellent Pork Chop House on Doyer street for Taiwanese as well as Saints Alps Tea House on 3rd Ave in Manhattan. I am afraid to go to Flushing due to the traffic, although I finally figured out to valet park under the Sheraton for a fraction of cost in Manhattan. I have been averaging 3 trips to Taipei every year so I have been gathering info on Taiwanese food but not really visit coz I get my fix at Xin Yeh in Taipei! Btw, I am originally from California, so I am not really a Midwesterner :)

          1. re: bearmi

            the si shen tang at Excellent Pork Chop House is actually quite good (assuming you like that type of soup which I do)

            1. re: Lau

              Yes. Thats what I always order. Chinese news said they were actually open yesterday but with the power outage, they will prob run out of fresh food soon and shut down:(

              I actually wanted to go this weekend but because of the storm...perhaps next time I am in town. So sad to move away but I guess I will be a couple of hours closer to LA :)

                1. re: Lau

                  Chicago! I went to their board and there are not as many discussion topics on Asian food :( I think there aren't as many Asians there to begin with plus non-Asian folks there may not be as enthusiastic about Asian food. But it's ok, I can always fly back here or to California to get my fix :)

                  1. re: bearmi

                    ahh nice, yah asian food as far as i could tell is not very good in chicago (i used to have to go to chicago alot for work)

                    1. re: Lau

                      Yep. I will be coming here for advice so I know where to go when I coke back for visits:)

                    2. re: bearmi

                      I was out in Chicago last month and went to a storefront Thai restaurant near Lincoln Square on N. Damen Ave. Their regular menu has the usual South Thai entrees but you can also ask for their "other" menu which they mainly have for their north Thai customers.
                      The food I had was very good & the place is very clean.
                      Definitely worth a visit.

        2. I went to Wu Liang Ye today and it was awesome. Sichuan pickled cabbage and the stir-fried lobster both superb. Sweet staff. Just a fabulous place.

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          1. re: Simon

            Great. Thanks for letting me know that they are open!!

            1. re: bearmi

              Lucky Simon. Wu Liang Ye said they were already fully committed for the evening when I called at 8:30 tonight.

          2. Just wanted to ask how you planned on getting to Manhattan. If you're driving, did you hear that you need at least 3 in the car at most of the tunnels/bridges otherwise they will turn you away?

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            1. re: Bkeats

              Well, there are 3 of us: me, myself, and I!!! Just kidding. I will take the commuter train. It actually has been running from here to Manhattan since yesterday I believe :). Also, I can get onto one of the smaller bridges like the Willis Ave bridge or Macomb Dam bridge from where I am and bypss the check points but I am not doing that!!

              By the way, I am going to Peking Duck House in midtown ( I finally got thru this evening) tomorrow nite. So excited!!

            2. Any updates on any Korean places on 32nd?

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              1. re: TonyC

                Pretty much everything is open on 32nd

                1. re: TonyC

                  im staying in ktown, ive eaten there every night this week...basically everything is and has been open...they never lost power

                  1. re: Lau

                    I didn't realize that. I thought there was power loss below 40th street. Good to know!

                    1. re: bearmi

                      power is definitely still out below 34th on the east side. at least on 28th and on 15th

                      1. re: bearmi

                        It was spotty. K-Town never lost power but a few blocks away it was dark where Szechuan Gourmet on 39th is.

                        1. re: kathryn

                          Wow... I didn' t realize it was spotty. I was hoping to go to Zabb Elee this weekend too. I think the power might be back this afternoon so I might give them a try tomorrow :)

                            1. re: Simon

                              Thanks.. got too much work today but I might stop by tomorrow :(

                              1. re: Simon

                                Thanks again. I ended up going on 11/6 with my dining buddy and another close friend. It was very yummy! I am glad I was able to squeeze it in before my final move yesterday!

                            2. re: kathryn

                              That's interesting. I had lunch in K-town yesterday and assumed that Szechuan Gourmet or Lan Sheng would have been open. I was going to do the long walk to 39th street last night when I decided to eat more local because it was cold out. Thank goodness I stayed put!

                      2. Any info on when Ctown will be up and running?

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                        1. re: swannee

                          I feel terrible for all the lost income for the restaurateurs there...not high-margin businesses.

                          1. re: buttertart

                            Buttertart has an important point. We all need to go ASAP and often to support these poor people who work so hard and earn so little!

                            1. re: swannee

                              As soon as is feasible, yes. I hope next weekend.

                          2. re: swannee

                            4,5 and 6 trains are now running with limited service downtown. Brooklyn Bridge-City Hall station now open, Fulton Street closed.