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Oct 31, 2012 04:18 PM

Nova - neuroscience of taste

Tonight's Nova ScienceNow episode which will be shown on some PBS tv stations is described as follows:

The neuroscience of taste, which involves all of the senses and memory, is examined. Included: why some foods, like chocolate-chip cookies, are deemed delectable while others, such as cookies made with worms, are not; how the taste buds can be fooled.

Personally, I think the worms thing may have less to do with neuroscience than psychology.

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    1. Hmm, five minutes in and it doesn't seem to be about the science of taste at all. It does discuss some basics such as osmosis and brining. The host is a little obnoxious. This seem like it will be worth finding online for an overview of science and cooking if on a very basic/student level.

      I did just learn how to pronounce "Maillard" reaction". The Ls are silent! Who knew? Well, probably a lot of you.

      1. I am SOOOO mad I missed this!! I love Neil deGrasse Tyson, and am a huge science dork, and, I suppose obviously, a food dork as well. I hope to catch it on repeat...

        1. That's only part of what the program is about, and not a very accurate description of that part either. I enjoyed it and learned from it. But this season's host, David Pogue, mugs and screams and generally overdoes it all the time - really annoying. Even if Nova Science Now is aimed chiefly at school age viewers, and I believe it is, this constant hype really isn't necessary.