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Oct 31, 2012 03:18 PM


I love festivals.
I love the food. I love the dance. I love meeting the friendly people.
From eating homemade Kefta and dolmas with a thousand other attendees at the annual Mediterranean fest to spicy green papaya with a couple of hundred folks hanging at the appropriately named Festival Beach for the Thai fest to just over two dozen friendly folks who covered several picnic tables with crock pots of meat and rice at the Colombian Festival.

The biggest problem I have is finding these things to begin with. I reckon we need a thread to help us out. If you hear of a festival going on around Austin or nearby, please post info here.

I'll get you started with "Taste of Greece" happening this weekend. A free festival featuring "Greek music, Bazaar, traditional dancing, authentic Greek food and delicious pastries", see or for details. I'm not sure if this is going to be a dozen people or hundreds - you seldom know at these things, but it could be fun.
Anyone else - where are the other hidden fests in our town?

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  1. We went to the Texas Renaissance Festival last weekend - it runs through the end of November, I think - and while some of the food was pretty meh (the hot chocolate, the turkey legs), some of it was decidedly delicious. They have really stepped up their game on Scotch eggs. They taste like something that just came out of my kitchen. I also had some potato/cheese pierogies that really knocked me out. Enjoyable as well was a beef empanada - it had picadillo filling with green olives and raisins in it.

    Perhaps not Austin proper, but just a couple of hours' drive away.

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      Lucky! My Scotch egg there (a few weeks ago) was not good at all. It tasted like it had been sitting under a heat lamp all day, and I wasn't a fan of the type of breakfast sausage they used in it. It was number one on my list of foods to get at the fest, too.

      Overall, the food there disappointed, for me. A turkey leg I sampled was actually one of the better tasting items. Surprisingly good beer selection, though, and the mead was fun. I'll try the pierogies next time.

      1. re: hlk

        Oh gosh, that's awful. I was truly blown away by my Scotch egg. I've never had one so good. Tasted like it was right out of the fryer. Normally they're tough and heatlampy.

        I gave up on turkey legs years ago because in the battle of me vs. the tendons, the tendons always win.

    2. Wurstfest starts Friday.

      But I tend to shy away from festivals because of the lines, the cost of food and and drink, and in the case of Wurstfest - they don't even tell you how much it costs for admission. Just that there will be a charge. Sorry - homey don't play THAT game.

      Bah humbug.

      1. Here are lists you might like:

        I went to the Texas VegFest at Fiesta Gardens in March and loved it. Great vendors, info, entertainment and speakers. Next one is April 6, 2013

        1. There was a Colombian Festival?!!
          When and where? Did Casa Colombia have anything to do with it?

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            The Colombian Festival I went to was several years ago, and was associated with a church in the North Austin/Round Rock area. It turned out to be all home cooked foods brought in crock pots and containers to Walnut Creek Park, with a DJ playing for those who wanted to dance. I believe it was on Colombian Independence day in July.

          2. There was a paella festival yesterday, 11/3. I didn't read about it until after the fact but sounds like something to look for next year.