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Oct 31, 2012 03:12 PM

Siena and surroundings in later November?

Y'all were SUPER helpful in my attempt to eat my way through Florence--I just sent an email to our hotel to see if they can help us make the reservations!

Now, on to Siena. We are staying in Siena itself for 3 nights; we will have a car for one or two of the days and are planning to do some day trips. Looking for musts for lunches and dinners, either in Siena or its surroundings.....We'll be there the 3rd week of November.

Much thanks!!!

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  1. You could start by reviewing this thread:

    The Travel pages of the NY Times ran a "36 Hours in Siena" article on 10/11/12. You can find it at:

    Another helpful thread: