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Hosting a celebratory business dinner for 12 in Santa Monica or Venice. Need very good food, full bar and a energetic vibe. Thinking Fig (never been) or Chinois. Any suggestions?

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      1. I went to a business dinner for 20 at Wilshire a few weeks ago and it was excellent. Beautiful patio, full bar, very good food and service.

        1. +1 for Wilshire

          Also possible - Catch at Casa Del Mar (has very good food, great drinks and an incomparable view) and Melisse - if you want an expensive but fabulous celebration.

          1. Tasting Kitchen - outstanding food & sublime cocktails, on Abbott Kinney. You could probably reserve the whole upstairs for your group if you call now.

            1. I'm a big fan of FIG, and they have a private room.

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                +1 for Fig. Great food and service in a classy yet casual setting. I also like Tar & Roses and Chinios on Main. Gjelina and Rustic Canyon have great food but would be far too noisy for a business dinner.

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                  As soon as I read the thread title, I was thinking Fig, so I vote that as well.

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                    FIG's private room isn't totally enclosed, more like curtained off, so if noise is a consideration, I'd suggest Thor123 check on that.

                  2. I like the Catch recommendation. Always love Chinois, but it can get very loud. Fig isn't as energetic, imho.

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                      I would agree that FIG is not an energetic place. TK on the other hand, was hopping when we went two weeks ago on a Friday night. What day of the week were you thinking, Thor123?

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                        Thanks. As it turns out they want to go to Mastros which is easier for me. I do want to try Fig soon though. Thanks for your suggestions.