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Oct 31, 2012 12:52 PM

Evaporated Milk

Where are you from and how is (was) it used?

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  1. From California, and evaporated milk wasn't used for anything but Libby's-recipe pumpkin pie while I was growing up. Now and again I used it in place of cream in cooked or baked dishes, to save fat and calories, but that has naught to do with where I'm from.

    1. I have two cans of evaporated milk. I specifically remember that I bought them to make a recipe.... but I forgot which recipes I bought it for. :P

      Since you nicely mentioned it, I decided to pop one open and am now drinking it. And now just added some tea leaves and microwave it. :P

      1. DC,Europe and Montana equal ties to all,with most of ten years in Asia,Pacific rim

        Ever since I can remember we always had it on hand.I still do,all three fat percentages as a just in case sort of thing. Also powdered and Parmalat
        Bechamel,puddings and custards,cheese sauce,cake,coffee and tea,12oz + 12oz h2O into a gallon of milk a quart down.It isn't my first choice milk product,but it will stretch fresh milk,saving a trip to the store that may not have milk or power.Handy in a pinch.

        1. So California. I don't use it at all now but when I was a kid it was basically a substitute for cream. I remember pouring it on jello and oatmeal and also adding it to a frying pan of frozen hash browns to make these creamy potatoes that were then topped with cheddar cheese until melted.

          1. Added to Mac and Cheese=extra velvety texture
            Added to soup=thicker and creamy texture
            Added to a chicken pot pie=extra creamy
            It is a great ingredient, and I use it often. It is lower in fat the cream but is a good substitute for it.

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              Oh yes, it used to be the "secret" ingredient in my Kraft Dinner.