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Oct 31, 2012 11:39 AM

Where to buy gluten powder?

The other day I came across a jar of gluten powder on our shelves. I have no idea where I got it, or why, but after a bit of thought I used it in some bread I was making in our Zojirushi and am pleased with the result: The product is toasting bread and I replaced about 10-15 grams of bread flour with 1 Tbsp of this gluten and got a loaf with a nearly crystalline crumb. It toasts to an evenly porous crunchy consistency which holds plenty of butter and without any chewy center.

I have no idea where I got it, and searches for a source bring up nothing but page after page of "gluten free" products and recipes. I will greatly appreciate some help finding a source.
Gualtier - Seattle, WA

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  1. Our local groceries -- with tend to have few special things -- have it. It is called "Vital Wheat Gluten" in the store. If you look for "gluten power" or similar, you won't find it.

    1. yes.we have gluten available next to our bread flours in our supermarkets, but it is in a box, not a jar. It can help to improve most whole grain recipes

      1. Bob's Red Mill is a national producer that makes vital wheat gluten. Tends to show up in health food or earthy/crunchy stores like Whole Foods, or by mail.

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          I tried Bob's first thing. Put "gluten powder" in the search box, and got 10 results (9 in attached capture + "soy protein powder". Since posting this, though, I have had other info that Bob's does make and market gluten and will go to our "Puget Consumers' Co-op" for it. Perhaps gluten has become too non-PC to admit to - like foie gras.

          Thank you for your replies.

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            In the Seattle area, Mana Mills in Mountlake Terrace (just off I5 and 220th), is a old-fashioned health food store that carries things like this (even though a larger section of gluten free products).

              1. re: Gualtier Malde

                But if you search that site for vital wheat gluten as advised, it does pop right up....

            1. King Arthur Flour/Bakers Catalog sells it.

              1. agreed that you probably need to look for "vital wheat gluten" or maybe "gluten flour" -- I get it from places with good bulk foods sections, if you have such a place.