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Oct 31, 2012 11:33 AM

Things to cover my mochi with?

It's more of a chinese version of mochi called 糯米糍 (lor mai chi) and traditionally it's covered in coconut flakes but I was thinking of more unique things to cover it with. I was originally going to use toasted sesame seeds but found it to be too overpowering so I was hoping to look for some ideas?

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  1. A mixture of cheddar cheese and honey or goat cheese and honey.

    1. Nori flakes

      Crushed candied peanuts

      Crushed wasabi peas

      1. Can't seem to edit my post but I have a follow up question: how do I store them and how long will they be good for?

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          Put them on a cardboard or paper plate, cove in saran wrap, then put the entire thing in a tupperware container. In the fridge, they will last at least 3-4 days without drying up, or become hard.

          If, after 3-4 days, they do become dry or brittle, wrap the mochi, individually, in a slightly damp paper towel, and microwave at low heat for about 20-30 seconds to loosen them up.

        2. sriracha sauce and shittake mushrooms

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          1. What did you fill it with?

            Cover in an airtight container but don't let them touch. You can put them in cupcake liners. We've had them last a few days but never more than that, only because they're eaten.

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                Ooh, yum. Then maybe candied salted nuts, finely chopped, or even just finely chopped peanuts w/ sugar (it's a Taiwanese thing).
                Cayenne and cocoa
                Shaved chocolate
                Chopped Cocoa krispies or frosted flakes