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Oct 31, 2012 11:31 AM

Question on a requested Thanksgiving dish

My boyfriend was describing this dish his mom used to make for Thanksgiving... apparently it involved pistachio pudding, pineapple, and marshmallows? It sounds gross to me but I wanted to include something he requested to have. Does anybody know what this could be?

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    1. re: melpy

      Yep, that's it. Watergate salad. It doesn't take a foodie to be horrified by the ingredients in this salad...anyone over 18 is likely to be confused and grossed out. But, if you ate it when you were a kid, like I did and your boyfriend did, there's this nostalgic thing about it. I absolutely ADORED this when I was a kid and my aunt made it. even back then (70's) my mother refused to make something out of marshmallows and pudding and call it a salad...that just made it more special that I only got it when my aunt brought it.

      Enjoy will take less time to make than to walk around the store finding those ingredients, I imagine. my only suggestion would be make it in advance enough that the mashmallows kind-of dissolve into the whole, and don't top w/ marshmallows. Do report back ;-)

      1. re: danna

        Posts like these are what I love most about Chowhound, even if I will never in a million years make or eat this "salad". Thank you danna!!!

    2. Watergate Salad is what you are looking for.

      1. Thanks guys! My BF called his mom to ask but she notoriously takes DAYS to get back to people, and I'm working on my T-day menus these next few days. I actually already have pistachio pudding mix (to make an equally white trashy summer dessert that I didn't get around to making...involves pudding, cool whip, and ritz crackers). I will try it, but as I don't like pineapple at all, I doubt I'll like it. But he LOVES pineapple so he'll have it all to himself. Well, my stepdad likes weird gross food like this too, so he'll probably like it also :)

        After meeting his family (very blue collar) and seeing the kinds of foods they eat on holidays, my mom's favorite jello mold with cranberries and walnuts doesn't seem so weird after all.

        1. I never loved this Watergate Salad, then once I read a recipe that said marshmallows optional. Well, I abhor marshmallows, but love this stuff (w/pineapple).

          1. Here's a link to a Watergate Salad recipe in a 1976 newspaper

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              Ok that was fun to read (the whole page!) Thanks!