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3 days in Austin THIS weekend!! Please make food recommendations for rustic/outdoor/farm-to-table style places!

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My wife and are going there and we have a few things on our list to taste...so far its franklins bbq and maybe la condesa. We live in LA so we have good food here, but I am really looking for less fancy/trendy places and more rustic/charming/casual places. In terms of style of food, I love well done and simple american farm-to-table cuisine...good ingredients and not fussy or pretentious....just good food.

we particularly love places with fun casual outdoor seating or places with nice "farmhouse-style" ambiance. Please make recommendations...we can drive also.


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  1. You should check out Contigo. I think that hits all your requirements.

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      Yup. http://contigotexas.com/austin

      1. re: brentwood

        Also, if you don't mind waiting, Barley Swine. http://barleyswine.com

    2. Hillside Farmacy is great on the eastside, as is Foreign & Domestic in north/central.

      1. Not sure it is *quite* what you're looking for in terms of ambiance, but Lenoir sprang to mind. They have a lovely outdoor seating area and tons of heart.

        1. Also, Texas French Bread's dinner service may fit the bill for you.