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Oct 31, 2012 10:57 AM

ISO: Beef Cheeks

Hi all,

Another random request from me.

Anyone have any idea where to find fresh beef cheeks? I'm in Evanston but can go into Chicago. Best if accessible by public transit but can drive if necessary.

Also, if you have an idea of price that is also helpful :)



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  1. I would try phoning some of the best butcher shops around. The one I would try first is Zier's, in Wilmette, right next to Evanston. They're absolutely outstanding in every way, some of the finest meats anywhere. Phone ahead to ask (and they can set aside whatever you want, have it ready for you when you get there).

    You can also look at the suggestions in these discussions about best butchers (the discussions may not be new, but the recommendations are pretty much all still around):

    1. I'm not sure but you might try Super H Mart on Oakton in Niles. I've seen several different beef body parts there.

      1. Would you believe I have seen them in our Ohio Walmart super stores. I don't know if Columbus has a large enough Latino population for this, but they are there and good!