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Oct 31, 2012 10:42 AM

NJ For One Night

We are a group from Toronto who are coming to Newark on Sunday. Looking for a recommendation for a restaurant not far from the football stadium, after the game. Our choice would be somewhere with great Italian food, home style and maybe with the ability to watch the night game.

Price is not really a concern. It's more about the food, a decent wine selection and atmosphere. We can drink with the best of them!

Any suggestions??

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  1. I assume you're going to the Meadowlands stadium, so my two recs would be in that East Rutherford area...Al De La, and Park & Orchard....both off of the Rte 17 and Rte 3 interchange.

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    1. re: njmarshall55

      Thanks so much. I believe we are staying at a hotel near the stadium. As I expect we will all be severely intoxicated, are these recs close by? We wouldn't want to hurt ourselves walking too far!!

    2. Haaaang're coming to Newark to the football stadium? Could that mean Harrison and soccer, or are you coming for an NFL game? Very different towns and options, but I would NOT send anyone to Park and Orchard anyway--old and tired!
      In Rutherford (closer to Giants Stadium) Paisano's is my rec. If you're in Harrison, go to Tony da Caneca's in Newark.

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      1. re: Curlz

        Going to the Giants game. We're flying into Newark. All of us are foodies, so thanks for the rec! Any second choice?

      2. Segovia in Moonachie has always been our top choice right near the stadium.

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        1. re: scrappyone

          Thanks so much! We hadm't even considered Spanish! the menu actually looks great. In the event these yahoos simply want a "local" sports bar to watch the night game, do you have any ideas? We're not big on the chain store style restaurants. Something local would be excellent!

          1. re: franpelyk

            I can add a hearty +1 to Segovia's. Great place. At least it was some years ago. Newark does have some Spanish style restaurants, but if you're staying north of there, Segovia's has my vote.

        2. are you coming this sunday? because a lot of NJ is recovering from the recent shit storm, so you should check on what is open and not and even the road conditions.

          1. Are you looking for Rustic Italian or Fine Dining Italian? How far are you willing to travel from the stadium or your hotel?