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Oct 31, 2012 10:17 AM

South Philadelphia Restaurants for Birthday?

My 27th birthday is next week and I have a group of about 10 people that I want to go out to dinner with. I'm looking for somewhere south of Washington on the east side of broad..Somewhere not too expensive but not cheap either. Full bar would be great. Any thoughts? Any help is greatly appreciated!

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  1. Sorry...byob is also an option...

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    1. re: rg231763

      If you like Italian and want a full bar, Paradiso or Le Virtu (I like Paradiso better).

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        I'd suggest buying a bunch of wine and making a reservation at L'Angolo. It's awesome, they are awesome, and they might be able to put you guys all towards the back, where you'd have a bit more room. Technically it's on the west side of broad, but only half-a-block. Otherwise, Stateside or Le Virtu.

      2. It would also help if you could define "too expensive".

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        1. re: Buckethead

          Too expensive meaning no more than $22 for an entree.. Entrees between $16 and $20 would be ideal.

          1. re: rg231763

            For that price I would just go to Cantina, you should be able to reserve the big booth they have. I haven't been there in a couple months but the past few times I was there, the food was on and it was great (the specials are usually the best things to order). I admit I have had visits where the food was not as good. Cantina of course is loud but also fun.

            Either that or Nam Phuong, which is also fun with a group; they have big round tables and you can feast for that price.

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              Something a bit classier than that would be great. Cantina is hit or miss...

          1. Technically not south of Washington, but close enough is Le Viet. Full bar, great menu and prices, and fun for large groups.

            1. If you can relax your geographic range by a block or two, the South Philly Tap Room and Le Viet are two good options that spring to mind. SPTR is 1 block west of Broad, Le Viet is on 11th just north of Washington. Le Viet is very nice inside. I mean, SPTR is too but it's very similar to the atmosphere at Cantina.

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                In regards to Le Viet, is there a decent place to park down there? I have only been there once, and was lucky to get a spot on that side alley to the side of the restaurant. All of the other street parking was horrendous. I would love to come back there.

                1. re: paychecktoday

                  I don't know, I live close enough that I can walk there. There is the parking lot on Carpenter between 9th and 10th, and I often see open spaces in the angled parking spots on 11th in the 3 blocks north and south of Washington.