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Oct 31, 2012 09:05 AM

Bar for Watching Election Night

Hi there,

I'm going to be in NOLA with some friends on Tuesday, November 6. We'd like to watch election night in a bar somewhere close to the French Quarter/Canal Street. We're not big sports bar fans and we'd prefer low key if possible.

Any suggestions will be gratefully received!


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  1. The better the bar the worse the TV (hopefully :-) )

    A suggestion for good bar and low key is Bombay Club. I'm pretty sure I remember a TV there

    1. The R Bar in the Marigny, maybe? I seem to recall some debate watching parties there.

      1. I would bet Irish House. They have a TV with an area you can pretty much take over.

        1. It's going to be on everywhere obviously, so if your criteria are truly nothing more complicated than low key, non-sports bar, there are dozens of options in the Quarter. Some places that I actually hang out at and would consider watching the news are Erin Rose (food), Boondock Saint, the Chart Room, Finnegan's, Flanagan's (non-smoking, food), Harry's Corner, Three Legged Dog (food), the Alibi (food), MRB, Fahy's, and Buffa's (food). Of these, Erin Rose, Three Legged Dog, and the Chart Room are closest to Canal. Buffa's is the furthest away, across the Quarter on Esplanade. I second R Bar as a great suggestion if you're willing to go into the Marigny. These are all basic, regular old bars, not places for great cocktails or music or anything else.