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Oct 31, 2012 08:08 AM

Looking for a good smoked turkey

I drove by Brett's BBQ in Encinitas the other day and they had advertised a smoked turkey for Thanksgiving. I thought that sounded really good, but I've read many so-so reviews for Brett's as well as some good ones. Has anyone had their smoked turkey and if so, how would you rate it? Is there another place in San Diego that sells smoked turkeys that you could recommend. I live in North County but am willing to go to other areas.

If you have a recommendation for an online place, by all means, let me know. San Diego is not known for it's fantastic BBQ, so online may be the best option.

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  1. My hometown Tyler TX has the most famous and delicious smoked turkey in the universe. In fact I was 17 before I learned turkey came any other way. Greenburg's:

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      Is this the one that some people say is *really* smoky? My parents are going to be visiting from Texas & I'm debating whether to buy one or not. They compare all turkeys to the smoked one they usually get from their favorite local BBQ place.

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        A million thumbs up for Greenburg Turkeys. Mine is winging its way to the west coast from Tyler in a couple of weeks!

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          OMG...I could eat that skin...all of it.
          This looks fantastic and thanks for the link picky!
          Gobble Gobble

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            Every October Greenberg sends out an annual letter, telling their customers the pricing and availability. Back in the day, before the internet, they put the paper that they print the letters on in the smokers, along with the turkeys. You knew the annual Greenberg letter was in the mail, even before you opened the mail box!

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              So glad you chicks like the Burg Turks. Beachy, what I remember from the smoked turkeys of my childhood was that it was so smokey the skin was not edible. (I tried.) But the recipe may have changed. Foodie, I love that story of the mailer. All my childhood holidays have that smell. To boot, the Greenburgs are great people.

              My husband now smokes ours. And generally, the skin on his turkeys is not edible either.

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                  I'm thinking of getting a Burg Turkey for Xmas...what is the timeline on one of these gorgeous birds on shipping..

         that the letters were printed from the smoker...that is a classic!

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                    Here is how they work: 1. Choose your desired size and delivery date (i.e. Xmas) AHEAD OF TIME. You are basically "reserving" your bird to be shipped the week that you desire. But if you don't reserve ahead of time, they sell out. 2. First time ordering, I would call and speak personally to an operator so that they can confirm your shipping and delivery date. Enjoy Chica - report back if you get this TX tradition!

              1. makes a great smoked turkey, and wonderful smoked other meats as well.

                It's in Carlsbad, if that is 'your' part of North County.

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                  Can't say I've had their smoked turkey, but I've been pleased with my other purchases from Tip Top Meats. Thus, they are worth checking out.

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                    Smoked legs and wings are available in the counter, if you want to try without buying a whole bird.

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                    Yep, I'm in Carlsbad. Totally forgot about Tip Top meats. I've never been to it, but have heard good things. Maybe I'll buzz over there and give a try, however, I am intrigued about this place that pickypicky posted. Hmm, what to do....

                    Thanks for all the replies!

                  3. I think Coop's BBQ in Lemon Grove has smoked turkeys this time of year. Best BBQ joint in SD.

                    1. With very little modesty, I've got to say that the best smoked turkey is at my house every year. Use my own plum and manzanita wood as smoke and add a chile apricot glaze at the end (Chiles and apricots home grown). Was thinking of doing a duck also this year with a plum glaze.

                      Secret is all in the prep: Brining and dry rub, or injection and herb rub under and all over skin. I also add fresh herbs to the smoker's water tray. Smoke for hour at 275, then low and slow.

                      Lately I have also been buying a large bone in double breast and deep frying it. It's always a crowd pleaser and much easier to deep fry than a whole turkey.

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                        What time are you serving...I'll put it in my calendar! ;D