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Oct 31, 2012 07:44 AM

Where and What Did You Eat?

Due to a dearth of posts on this board, I'm asking:

So yesterday, where and what did you eat?

...and as a nod to the mods, in order to keep this Houston specific, I'm mostly interested in "Where".


I don't do breakfast.

Lunch: Kasra Persian Grill - Kubideh Combo with Grilled Veggies in lieu of the blackened tomatoes. (One of my favorite meals.)

Dinner: Home - Green Salad, Ham Steaks, Rigatoni & Cheese, Ranch Style Beans, (one of the few things I would have to have shipped to me if I ever moved out of state).


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  1. Ended up for lunch today at Blue Fish on Washington. 2 for 1 sushi at lunch. Very tasty. There is a well known talk show/former city council on the radio here who constantly says he thinks people "fake" a love of sushi, because no one really likes sushi. Clueless.

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      1. As DoobieWah requested, we'd appreciate it if people focused on eats that are available in Houston.

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          Sorry Team. Thinking pizza today. Maybe Dolce Vita, my favorite pizza in Houston.

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            I posted a long response to you and it's gone but here is the link to my review on the NOLA board. We'll be there in about 4 weeks :-)

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            Oops, sorry, didn't read this until after I spent a long time responding to Lambowner's request.

          3. Yesterday:

            Lunch: Union Kitchen - Buffalo Chicken Wrap, (Not my favorite, but comes with those homemade potato chips).

            Dinner: Home - Two Alamo Tamales from the freezer and about an ounce of Aged Mild Cheddar. And too much Halloween candy.

            1. Today I ended up at Piola and had that Roka Cabana chopped salad we discussed here: Good lord it was good. We shared one between two people, but it could easily be shared among 4 for a starter salad. Layered tower of arugula, mozzarella fior di latte, diced tomatoes, diced yellow bell peppers, pistachio nuts, pomegranate dressing. The texture (pistachios!!) and flavors were terrific and I know I'll go back for that. And a ham/mushroom/artichoke pizza that was very very good. I know that Pizaro is getting all the love lately, but I do think both Dolce Vita and Piola make a better pie. It'll be more black bean soup tonight. And candy. Did everyone buy the Costco 90 ounce chocolate minis? At $13.99 it was hard to pass up. We gave almost all of it away.