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Oct 31, 2012 07:14 AM

Upperline, GW, or...?

Trying to decide for a Sunday night. Currently got resvs at GW but somewhat intrigued by Upperline and not too thrilled by GW's high ranking on Trip Advisor although I'm sure its well deserved. Here's what I got for the rest of our first trip in mid Nov...

Lunches: (Drago's and Mr B's on the same day just for their specialties), CP, Coquette, Cochon Butcher, Po-Boy festival on Oak

Dinners: Boucherie, Herbsaint, Sobou

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  1. What happened did I stump you? LOL. ok, after further digging I think we'll stick with GW. Taking a closer look reminded me why I chose it in the first place.
    Any thoughts about the rest of the itinerary? Curious in particular about the po-boy festival. Is it worth the schlep?

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    1. re: Ziggy41

      I haven't been to GW Fins, but from what I hear it might not be the most memorable of meals. You'll get good seafood, I'm sure, but the atmosphere is lacking and "corporate". Again, this is what I've heard as I haven't been myself. I HAVE been to Upperline, though it was years ago. But the atmosphere probably hasn't changed much. It is a warm place where they take care of you. There is a new chef who is supposed to be very good and is more of a local Uptown crowd as opposed to mostly tourists at GW Fins. There are many other restaurants you could consider as well, but between these two, I would go with Upperline.

      You have some good choices listed for your other meals. I've always wanted to go to the Poorboy festival--that should be great, so don't miss it. You might skip Cochon Butcher since you're doing the festival and grab a sandwich from there for the ride home. Try Cochon instead. If you want to try a John Besh restaurant, you could do August for one of your lunches--they have a good deal and the food is first rate. I enjoyed Casamento's for lunch last time I was there--very casual old restaurant Uptown on Magazine with good oysters and sandwiches. Galatoire's is another fun place for lunch, but you have to be in the mood to overindulge and be ready for a nap afterward.

      1. re: bmoskowitz

        I had a wonderful dinner at GW Fins not long ago. I didn't find the atmosphere "lacking" or "corporate" in any respect. The decor is beutiful and the service was spot on. They do a beautiful job with seafood from the Gulf and supplement the local seafood with prime fresh seafood from elsewhere, for maximum choice and variety on a menu that changes daily. We found that the signature dishes like "Scalibut" and lobster dumplings exceeded expectations.

        Personally, I avoid bashing restaurants where I have never eaten, but perhaps I am old-fashioned. I think Ziggy41's restaurant itinerary looks very solid, GW Fins included.

        1. re: Gizmo56

          Point taken. I tried to qualify my remarks. I'm not saying anything that hasn't been expressed to me by people on this board as well by my parents (who tried GW last year). Just trying to provide an answer to the question. To the point, Gizmo56, what is your response to the question? You didn't really address it.

          1. re: bmoskowitz

            Frequent posters here like Bill Hunt and Jazzy B are fans of Fins. I went there based upon recommendations on this board, and I had a very memorable meal that I could not have had anywhere else.

            I did answer the OP's question in my final sentence. Again, I think his restaurants are well-chosen.

            1. re: Gizmo56

              I meant the question about Upperline vs GW Fins. Maybe you just don't want to say anything negative about Upperline? If so, that's fair enough. Just because you like GW Fins doesn't mean you recommended it over Upperline. I would have appreciated your honest comparison of the two, if you have an opinion.

              1. re: bmoskowitz

                If you read down the thread, you will see that the OP had already settled on Fins. By saying that I thought his choices were solid ("Fins included") I think that the question was answered.

                But in case it is still unclear, although I like Upperline, I would opt for GW Fins, if it had to be one or the other.

                1. re: Gizmo56

                  Thanks, Gizmo56. Not trying to argue with you. And I do see that Bill Hunt, Hazelhurst, Jazzy B, and others like GW Fins. I did get some conflicting info from my parents and at least one recent Chowhound poster. But maybe I'll try it for myself next time I'm down in January. Then I can post my thoughts.

                  1. re: bmoskowitz

                    All good, bmoskowitz. Best wishes to you.

                    1. re: bmoskowitz

                      There are some, on this board, that do not like G W Fins. One complaint that has been offered is that they did open a non-NOLA restaurant (SC?), that failed.

                      I never dined there, but have dined at the NOLA Fins, and have always had an enjoyable experience. That is what I base my recs. on, and not on something that might have been tried, at a corporate level.

                      Remember that for me, the last visit to Upperline was too long ago to figure in, but those are different restaurant experiences, at least to me. Upperline was good, but so different, that I would hesitate to compare the two. Maybe that is just me.


            2. re: Gizmo56

              We've dined there many times, from a couple, to a group of 16, and have always had great food, service, and an enjoyable time.

              It has been far too long, since we dined at Upperline, to compare.

              Sorry, and assume that you did make a choice.


            3. re: bmoskowitz

              i also enjoy GW's. constant variety in what is offered as well as some solid favorite apps. i personally enjoy the space -- it's layered in several levels and has plenty of cozy booths. they do get tourists (who doesnt) but the bartenders recognize locals.

              that being said its entirely different than Upperline, which has a more neighborhood vibe and is not focused on seafood like GW.

              1. re: kibbles

                Sounds like we have had similar experiences.

                Now, as I am but a "tourist" nowadays, I cannot comment on that aspect. I never take a poll of other diners, and only care about MY service, MY food, and MY enjoyment. At Fins, whether it's just the two of us, or we're hosting my wife's NOLA family, they have managed to always come through, and make our experience a positive, and memorable one. I just like what they do, and what they do it with, and have never had one complaint, since they opened.