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Oct 31, 2012 07:12 AM

Mas Cuisine and Verdun

Going to be in Montreal in November and am considering dinner at Mas Cuisine in Verdun. I have not been there in quite sometime and am wondering how it is now. Was there right after they opened and loved it. Any other recommendations for Verdun? I notice a number of new places have opened there in the past few years.

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  1. Recommendations for Verdun

    Fromagerie Copette and Cie 4650 Wellington Street
    Blackstrap BBQ 4436 Rue Wellington
    Cafe La Tazza 3922 Wellington
    Cha Noir (speciality tea and chocolates) 4646 Rue Wellington
    Le Lotus Bleu 4847 Rue de Verdun (very bare bones, but great non-Westernized Chinese)
    Les Iles en Ville 5335 Rue Wellington (homey seafood restaurant)

    1. Mas Cuisine is still very good. As for other places in Verdun... Parisa - an Iranian BYO, 4123 Verdun, Sofra - Turkish at 2830 Allard and Su - Turkish at 5145 Wellington. I'm also fond of Pierrete's Patates, 3900 Verdun. Pizza Mory 4702 Verdun and Rex Pizza, 4811 Wellington

      1. One positive change is that Mas Cuisine is now open on Saturday evenings, which makes it easier for tourists to visit.

        1. I'd suggest JoBlo, a few doors down from Mas, for cocktails. You'd have to be in the mood to eat here (pricey burgers et al), people seem to love it or hate it, but to me, they make very good cocktails.