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Oct 31, 2012 06:30 AM

Chinatown Turkey, do it or don't do it?

For years I have seen the signs for in windows of the places with the hanging roasted animals in the windows in Chinatown for ordering Turkeys for Thanksgiving. Has anyone done it? I'll be going to a big brined-bird family Thanksgiving, but want to have an early alternative Thanksgiving with some friends and was thinking a Chinatown Turkey would be a fun thing to have. If anyone can speak to the preperation (just like the chickens?), quality, what, if anything, they come with, and where the best place to get one would be, it would be much appreciated.

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  1. I would also love to know the answer...

    1. This looks like what you're looking for, but unfortunately it's in NY:

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        Looks like this guy had to bring his own turkey. The ones in Boston chinatown I've seen in the window don't suggest you have to do that... anybody know?

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          ' You can bring in your own bird or have the restaurant supply the turkey. '

      2. A quick stroll through Chinatown gave a few answers.

        Hong Kong Eatery..question was met with no and great laughter

        Quic Pik..will cook your turkey for $20 or sell you a turkey and cook.

        Vinh Sun..will do it but scant details unless I speak to the owner.

        Fairly sure they understood my question but there is a language barrier, so treat this info accordingly and double check me, but it sounds like order a few days in advance and pick up day before or on Thxgiving.

        I've never had a turkey prepared in CTown (never heard of it til this thread)but based on their ducks and pork, I imagine they'd be delicious. A big part of the holiday for me is the great smells coming from my oven so I doubt I'll outsource the cooking; but that's a personal decision and if I had a big crowd and needed 2 birds, I'd cook 1 and try a Ctown bird.

        For a very tasty bird at a reasonable price, we've been buying from Sulmona in the NE. Order a week or 2 in advance and pick up Thxgiving week. Not the high price of "heirloom" and other high end birds but fresh killed and very good. Great quality/value.

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          I believe it is Quic Pik that advertises Turkey in the window.

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            Hmm....some skepticism here if only because turkey doesn't really exist in Chinese cuisine (it's only now popping up more in markets in Hong Kong and China as a "new healthy alternative" (but at a steep price!) , but I suppose for chefs and cooks who've been in the US long enough, they may have learned a few tricks to doing one well enough. If you take the leap, let us know how it turns out!

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              As I said, I'm not likely to do it; just had too much time on my hands yesterday and had time to research the subject for S&S and others..:)

              yes, I'd also be curious as to how it comes out.