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Oct 31, 2012 01:50 AM

Chowhound and/or food in your dreams?

I vaguely remember a thread about food and dreams, but in searching only found a few from a few years ago that were either more specific or didn't have many replies. If there's out there that this should be merged to, that'd be fine.

Anyway, last night just before bed, I was catching up on some of the boards here at Chowhound, went to bed and fell asleep. I woke up a few hours later realizing that I'd been immersed (in my dream) in a very detailed thread about all of the different State, Local and Federal laws pertaining to any food item prepared with pumpkin. Each of the stated laws was linked to, and the thread went kind of like: Why does law "xxx" apply to the production of pumpkin pancakes while law "yyy" applies to the production of pumpkin waffles. It was one of those very detailed and well-researched threads, and I was sad not to get to the end of it before waking up. And no, I don't recall the username of the person who'd done all that research :-)

Does anyone else dream about Chowhound, or food in general?

ETA: and I had to get up and eat a slice of pumpkin pie after that!

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  1. ""Does anyone else dream about Chowhound, or food in general?""

    Yes, but would probably get banned if I posted my food related dreams, but eating cold ice cream out of a very warm "bowl" is pretty tasty.

    1. I started a food/dream/CH thread a few years back. I still find it funny. If I could somehow make that sfogliatelle dream happen again, I would. It was sweet!

      1. I started having food,meal dreams that I remember about age 10 or 12,VIVID , FULL COLOUR , TASTE and AROMAS.Still do 55 years later.

        1. I have many food related dreams. Some of my best food works have come out of dreams.

          1. Dream about CHOWHOUND? No.

            Dream about food? Of course. Who hasn't? It is said that food related dream is the most basic of all -- since the desire for food is very primal instinct.