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Oct 30, 2012 10:59 PM

Bruxie is Coming To Chino Hills; It Damn Well Better Live Up To Your High Praise Professor Salt...

because my local source for bacon/cheeseburgers and chocolate cokes at The Shoppes in Chino Hills, Johnny Rocket's was snuffed out so that Bruxies could move in.

Due to open in November, at The Shoppes near the 71 and Grand Avenue, Chino Hills. The Mrs. and I took a peak this evening and the contractors were working away on the remodeled store.

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  1. I see that their web site fairly "shouts" the news (this must be what passes for excitement out Chino Hills way (g) from the look of that giant blurb!).

    1. If it is anything like their Brea location, it was underwhelming to say the least. Greasy waffle was particularly disappointing. I will have to give it another shot though since I only have had one item on their menu.

      1. A few months ago, I tried the one in Brea. I thought it was a great concept and wanted to love it - but it was very disappointing from a food perspective.

        I ordered the Mushroom/Goat Cheese with the addition of an egg... the goat cheese was very processed/manufactured tasting... the mushroom and the egg were fine. I liked the concept of using a waffle as a vehicle for the food - and it worked well as such - but I didn't find it to be particularly delicious in any way.

        My dining companion had the bacon, egg, and cheddar and didn't like any of it.... we deemed it a total waste of time and effort to trek out there.

        1. Did this little chain used to have a place on the one-way block of Broxton in Westwood Village? Gone now? Or do I have the wrong waffle place??

          1. It is good. It is not earth shattering. I like the concept of the waffle as bread, and the fillings are generally good, but it is by no means my favorite sandwich shop.