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Oct 30, 2012 08:53 PM

Breakfast and Lunch recommendations by the GWCC?

As usual, I have planned all my dinners for my upcoming trip to Atlanta, but I haven't given much consideration to breakfast or lunch. I will be attending a conference at the Georgia World Congress Center and therefore cannot stray far from that area. We are staying near the CNN Center, so any place near there is also fine for breakfast.

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  1. Tough area. Peasant Bistro and Der Biergarten (only open for lunch on Sat and Sun) are pretty good lunch options. Legal Seafood is surprisingly good for a chain, ditto for Ted's Montana Grill. Landmark Diner is a good breakfast option, although its not real close, probaly 6 blocks or so.

    1. Silver skillet. In 14 th us a short cab ride

      1. Broad St. in the Luckie-Marietta district is lined with good lunch options: Dua for great pho, Rosa's pizza, NaanStop (new Indian spot), and Reuben's deli, plus Korean on the Peachtree side of the block at Blossom Tree. Many of these look like dives, but have great food and extra seating in the basement.
        Second Carolinadawg on Ted's Montana, though they can be slow at lunch.
        Not sure about breakfast.