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Oct 30, 2012 06:26 PM

Suggestions for Chili that is too spicy

I just finished a huge batch of chili in the slow cooker and it turned out spicier than usual. It's fine for my husband and me but I think my kids will object. Anyone have any suggestions to mitigate the heat?

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    1. Add some tomato juice/sauce and serve with sour cream and cheese. You can also try pouring off some of the liquid in your kids' portion and making up the difference with more tomato/vegetable juice or broth.

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        1. re: baseballfan

          Welcome! One other thought is to serve it over spaghetti, rice, or crumbled cornbread. What's too hot on its own might be great over a bland starch...or a hot dog!

        2. re: ChristinaMason

          Yep, exactly. Also, add some cilantro and give them something to either love or to bitch about but either way, distracts them from the heat. Mine both love cilantro. Now.

        3. Try adding some cinnamon or chocolate to the chili. If you add chocolate use the darkest, most bitter chocolate you can. These will add a nice balance to the heat. Don't go overboard, but i find cinnamon to make or break a chili.

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          1. re: BerkshireFoodie

            Ok so I did a combo of all of these ideas. I added a bit more tomato sauce mixed with some cream cheese that I melted ino the whole thing. Served it over elbow mac with shredded cheddar and sour cream. Turned out to be quite the hit so thanks for all of the good suggestions!

            Tcamp, I found your cilantro suggestion hilarious. Mine would bitch but I agree it would distract from the heat.