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Oct 30, 2012 06:23 PM

Stockton / Lambertville Brunch Spot to Replace Meils

Meils has been a part of our Christmas tree tradition for many years (we stop on the way to Tuckamony Farm) -- and now they're gone! Can anyone suggest a similar place for brunch -- preferably Stockton or South near River Road (we come up from Philly). Thanks!

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  1. You might begin by trying the place that replaced Miels. Lillys from Lambertville and Doylestown bought the place.

    1. Lilly's menu is expensive so I would suggest Blue Moon in Lambertville. I've had many excellent breakfasts and brunches there. Also if you come from Philly, I would suggest the Brick hotel in Newtown which was always good when I frequented it a few years back. There's the Yardley Inn or Mil-lee's in Yardley too although I have never been to either. Just heard they are good. Or if you decided to drive further up the river to Frenchtown you won't be disappointed with the Lovin Oven. It's an absolute must try for everyone and then you're hooked!

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        I agree with the Blue Moon, although if you could handle Meil's breakfast prices, you can probably handle Lillys. I don't know what Lillys charges, but breakfast for 2 at Meil's could easily run $40

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          The place is called Full Moon not Blue Moon I have had standard food there, a mediocre eggs benedict and some ho hum pancakes. It will do in a pinch. 23 Bridge Street.

          Cafe Galleria does the food in the Lambertville House and its quite good. A bit more organic/vegetarian friendly. 32 Bridge Street

          If you are coming from Philadelphia (assuming you are coming off of 95) you could go to the Washington's Crossing Inn in Washington's Crossing. They have a very nice brunch. Its more formal than the other two places mentioned. It is usually wonderfully decorated for the holidays.