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Oct 30, 2012 05:27 PM

Palma de Mallorca - one lunch!!!

After we spend nine days in Barcelona, we're going on a cruise and the first port will be Palma de Mallorca. Will we be burned out on tapas? I doubt it cause "small plates" is how we like to eat at home. I know nothing about Mallorca so please pardon me. We will certainly want to spend the day in the old town and I'm actually fine with just stumbling into some place that looks appealing. But is there some particular food/cuisine or restaurant that we really shouldn't miss? I'm betting the budget will have been blown :) in Barcelona (so much good food and wine --- so little time!!!) so wallet-friendly would be appreciated. Any recs or advice would be greatly appreciated. TIA.

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  1. You'll already know that tapas is not a big thing in the Catalan speaking area, and Mallorca is no exception. Certainly places might offer tapas - but you can be pretty sure they won't be too good.

    There's some very good, and very creative, cooking on the island but, unfortunately, not really in Palma. As you're going to be in the old town, then my recommendation would be Forn de Sant Joan. I've always enjoyed meals there when we've come into the city. If they have it, order the suckling pig which is one of the island's specialities.

    I'm not sure if Celler Sa Premsa opens for lunch but that would be another good bet - they are particularly good at local dishes. Say, frito Mallorquin for a starter, followed by some simple grilled squid.

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      Thanks, Harters. I'd come across the names of those two and will check them out. After so much dining in BCN and then heading out on a 13 night cruise, eating may not be high on our list. But it usually is :)

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        The old city is nice. The cathedral is a "must". If art galleries are your thing, then the Es Baluard should be on your list for contemporary art.

        Sorry the reccs are so limited. Millions of we north Europeans visit Mallorca every year - unfortunately few of us come across Chowhound

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          Thanks for your help. It will be a nice walkabout for sure.

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            It's a lovely city. We often stay on the island (usually in the north west) but don't get into Palma too often .