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Oct 30, 2012 05:14 PM

40th birthday for chitown foodie!

I will be staying at the Hotel Monaco for work trip which coincides with my upcoming 40th (kids and husband at home to celebrate with later in the weekend). I am taking my mom, also a huge foodie. we are there from a wed to a sat.

We enjoy all types of food, but ambience is equally important. Also would like three nights of different types of food. Looking for three of the best meals to experience and cocktails, too. I have done my research and now need some help!


I reserved Beast for the 6p seating-is this worth it? what about the wine pairings--they sound like tiny pours?


maybe a coco doughnut to begin the day?
open all day
need a lunch spot
considering: ox, toro bravo, aviary for dinner--others? which is best in your opinion?


lunch at pok pok (i loved this place and have to return);
cocktail somewhere with great ambience: tear drop, woodsman, kask or secret society-which would we like best for ambience as well as great cocktails and/or wine?
dinner is le pigeon


PSU before we fly out for verde cocina, nuvrei and pine state

thanks so much for the help!

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  1. Happy 40th! Love love love Nuvrei but I don't see it on the list for PSU Farmers Market, nor have I seen it there in our two trips :-). Hope I'm wrong though.

    We had some very nice cocktails at Teardrop in our two visits but I can't say I was particularly taken with the ambience. Just a big open room with a bar in the middle. Bit cougary the second time we went also...

    1. Nuvrei isn't @ the farmers market...but you could go to the cafe on thursday for lunch, they have great sandwiches. Aviary is fantastic, and you can also go to Salt and Straw , while you are on Alberta. Tanuki is a great and fun experience, and would get you to a different part of town...up the block is the Observatory which also has good cocktails. You are missing Tasty and Sons on your list...their bloody mary is my current fave. You may also want to look at Noisette for fine dining, I haven't been, but it sounds awesome... Happy 40th!!!!

      1. I love Teardrop, and during happy hour it isn't at all "cougary".
        Top eats at the Portland Farmers Market at PSU: Tastebud Farms, Divine Pie, hazelnuts from La Mancha, Lauretta Jean's Pie, Olympic Provisions, and Two Tarts Bakery.
        Coco Donut a good bet.
        Have fun. Please report!

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        1. re: Leonardo

          It was indeed later on in the evening, not happy hour, when the demographic shifted (and of course that was only one Thursday night so may have been an anomaly).

          Don't forget to go straight to Pine State at PSU FM at or before the opening bell. We got there at exactly 8:30 and there were already five people ahead of us.

        2. So here is where we are:

          Wednesday night: Beast


          lunch--pok pok
          dinner--reservations at Noisette and DOC for the tasting menus--which would you choose? or aviary? or we may risk the lines and go to Ox or Toro Bravo?


          Lunch: Tasty N Sons (or should we trade for Pok Pok for lunch today and TNS thurs)?
          Happy hour: Woodsman? My mom loves oysters--any great place for happy hour with great cocktails ambience and oysters?
          Dinner: Le Pigeon


          PSU Market and departure! :(

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          1. re: ljero


            Wed: Beast dep on menu (if not DOC)


            lunch Gruner
            dinner pokpok/whiskey soda lounge


            lunch Ha VL
            dinner Le Pigeon


            Tasty n sons--need a bloody mary before w fly home!

          2. Sounds like you will have a great time eating here!!! Be prepared for the Sat brunch lines @ Tasty....