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Watermelon Brain Question

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I'm in charge of bringing fruit snacks for my son's 3rd grade Halloween party. I'm going to carve a watermelon to look like a brain (http://spoonful.com/recipes/melon-brain) and I'm also going to hollow out oranges, draw on a jack o' lantern face and then stuff with fruit salad.

My question is -- what do you think I can do tonight? I'd rather not have to rush to try to get it done tomorrow morning. (The party is at 1, but I have other commitments with my younger child in the morning.


Thanks for your advice! And I'd love any other ideas for fruit-Halloween snacks! (I haven't figured out a good way to make grape eyeballs -- would love your ideas.)

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  1. as long as you have space in the fridge to stash it overnight, you can carve it now. just wrap it well in plastic, or put it in a large covered glass bowl.

    not sure if you have time to get the ingredients, but these banana ghosts and apple bites are cute:

    for the grapes, if you peel them you'll achieve a disturbingly realistic eyeball texture. if you want to decorate them, just use a little black food coloring for the pupil...and maybe even some red for that veined look.