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Oct 30, 2012 04:45 PM

Will Jello remain liquid at room temperature?


This question may seem strange for this forum but since there is so much collective experience, I believe someone here will know the answer.

I am doing an experiment using Jello with my class tomorrow. However, I cannot cook it while at school. Can I boil and dissolve the gelatin at home tonight and count on it remaining in its liquid state? I need and want it to remain liquid. I have a refrigerator at school so I have no problem getting it to set after our experiment. The issue is keeping it liquid for our experiment.

Thank you much!

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  1. It will jell at room temperature, it will just take quite a bit longer.

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    1. re: PotatoHouse

      Yep, it will gel at room temp. Can you possibly warm it after it sets so it is liquid again or will that spoil your experiment? Or possibly bring hot water in a thermos to dissolve the jello at class?

    2. Use a thermos. Put it in while just warm. It should set in the Refrigerator in a few hours especially if you set it in a wide container..

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      1. re: chefj

        Wouldn't it be funny if it set in the thermos?

      2. Thank you. I was afraid that was the answer but I sure am glad I asked. I guess I will have to bring a portable stove to class and come in early.

        We'll be comparing jello with fresh pineapple and canned pineapple. And a plain one as a control of course. Strawberry, in case you're wondering. : )

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        1. re: seamunky

          Lovely experiment! They are going to get a good lesson!

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            I use an electric tea-kettle to boil water to make jello at home -- just offering that as a suggestion since it might seem slightly less odd than carrying in a portable stove.

          2. I use Jello and gummy worms to make mock amber fossils with my class. I boil the water at home, mix in the Jello, then pour it into a big Thermos bottle. When we are ready to make the project, I add cold water to the Thermos. The Jello remains liquid until needed. If you don't have a big Thermos at this short notice, do you have a Crockpot or coffee maker to heat the water?