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Anthony Bourdain's TV shows ending

I'm really going to miss them. Does anyone know if he's retired or planning another show?

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  1. He's moving to CNN where he'll be doing a new show similar to No Reservations.

    1. Bourdain is also involved with this show starting on PBS Nov. 9th.


      1. They will continue to show reruns. All you will miss is 6 new episodes each season. There are a few hundred in the vault. Plus you'll have more time to learn about ghosts, beaches, and lost baggage (though less of bars, beaches, and bands).

        1. Bourdain co-writes the scripts for this season's Treme with the show's creator, David Simon. He's become more than a t.v. 'personality'.

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            this is an exaggeration. he has received story credits on two episodes, however.

          2. I hope Bourdain's new shows are better than the last few years of No Reservations. Some of those have been brutal.

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              You are so right. I liked his early programs but began to realize that although he goes to restaurants and other dining venues he really does not describe how what he's eating tastes. His discriptives are, "boy this is good", "perfectly cooked", "nice combination", etc. Nothing about the flavors of the food.

              I once watched a whole show where he didn't even put a forkful of anything in his mouth... simply pushed the food around on the plate while he launched into a dissertation of of something esoteric that was on his mind at the moment.

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                Caught his show on Rio this weekend. The main purpose of the show seemed to be the promotion of his wife's martial arts career---boring!

            2. I saw mention of a 2nd season of Layovers starting this month (Nov 2012)

              1. He's one of four "mentors" on The Taste, which is supposed to air on ABC sometime next year.


                1. I am going to miss him for sure... but I do have to hand it too him... he's been just about everywhere, and the concept is getting a bit old it's time to move on.

                  Some of my fav moments from his show:

                  The X-mas special a few years back: cooking x-mas dinner for his two gloth nephew and niece along with queens of the stone age in tacky sweaters. Quite funny and he cooked a prety decent meal too along with his snarky comments.

                  -the time he and eric rippert did a shift at Les Halles.

                  Also, Samantha Brown in depression from him always knocking her. (??) don't know how to discribe it better than that.

                  I got the chance to shake his hand - he was at my local with Chris Cosatino prior to do a shoot at fru fru shusi place in Hayes Valley (sf). It was very brief - the only impression is that he's far taller than he appears on TV - at least 6.6 and perhaps more.

                  Anyway, it was good TV and i;ll enjoy the re-runs too.

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                    Have enjoyed his shows, older ones mainly. Saw his live show in Balt recently-entertaining; part of a backstage group; he was cordial, yet tired.
                    Hoping the new shows have some life breathed back into them

                  2. He's not "retiring". Simply switching channels/venues. He's going to have a new show similar to "No Reservations" on CNN starting in Spring 2013. Current title is "Parts Unknown".