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Oct 30, 2012 02:56 PM

CF Food Kitchen in Granada Hills (???)

I recently drove by this place and it seemed quite interesting and heralded that it was an american place in the middle of a miniscule Granada Hills pod mall.

Has anyone been here ?

Yelp is not always as source of delicious information, but that along with mentions of it's Beef Wellington and Steak Diange got me thinking.

Anyhow, it does sounds interesting though I've heard no mentions on the board. Usually people don't mention too many restaurants in the far North Valley, i.e. Granada Hills, Mission Hills, North HIlls, etc.

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  1. Yikes, I live about 1/2 mile from here and have never heard of this place. It seems rather pricey for the location where there's a Mexican taco place, an Argentinian deli and a Smart and Final.

    1. I see it on my way home from work but never tried it. Not the best location for "fine" dining IMO.

      1. The menu and the website's photos are enticing, but that appeal is nearly cancelled out by the industrial-sounding name and the unappealing location. I really should get around to trying them one day, since they're about a block from my house.

        1. I made my first visit today. I was in the mood for gumbo, and I must say I was somewhat disappointed.

          It was labelled "Chicken Gumbo," not Cajun, but I still expected it to contain Andouille sausage. The sausage in taste, coloring and firmness was much more like a bland hot dog and not the flavorful Andouille I was hoping for. The overall flavor was good but not memorable.

          The dish did contain a lot of chicken and sausage, so I did receive a lot of bang for my buck, but at $17 it was $1 (6.25%) more than the online menu stated. I know it takes a LOT longer to get new paper menus printed, received, checked and affixed to the folder menu holders than it takes to update the website, so I felt slightly swindled.

          The service was good and fairly prompt. That was quite important, because even a five-minute delay would have meant nearly an hour wait for the next bus. There were only two other customers, so that is faint praise.

          The ambiance was a little bit more than I expected from that humdrum mini-mall, and the clean bathroom was 3 times bigger than I expected.

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          1. re: Dogbite Williams

            no good ?????

            has anyone else given it the proverbial whirl recently ??????

            1. re: kevin

              "No good" is too harsh. Disappointing enough not to return is more accurate.

              Somebody else with a bigger bankroll might look at the dinner specials which include an appetizer and a dessert.