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Oct 30, 2012 01:34 PM

Soy Meat and/or Seitan Dishes in PVD/RI

Recently, we went to Lucia (Italian) in Newport and greatly enjoyed a excellent seitan dish they had on their menu (in addition to enjoying the restaurant overall). I also posted here just now about the newly opened Veggie Fun in PVD, which has many fake meat soy and seitan dishes on their menu. Besides other expected places like Garden Grille, can anyone thing of anyplace else in the area that makes use of fake meats or seitan in dishes?

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  1. AS220 always has a bunch of vegan stuff, including seitan, though I have not yet been there. Don't know if that counts as an expected place...

    Also haven't been for a long while but Nice Slice pizza on Thayer always had the full range of fake meats. I remember being a fan.

      1. I was quite happy with Veggie Fun.

        1. dok's deli has a bunch of vegan options (in the former united bbq location on ives(?).