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Oct 30, 2012 01:28 PM

PVD/RI * November '12 * Open/Closed/Coming Soon

Ok, ok... So I missed October, but whatever... I'm not a site admin here (not that they do anything like this), just a longtime 'hounder trying to contribute to a little PVD dining community here... Sooooo...

Here's November. One place we went during October of note was the new Veggie Fun on Dorrance in downtown Providence. This is a vegan pan-asian with lots of fake meat soy and seitan options, something I've been begging for in PVD for some time. While I don't think it's the match of our favorite such place in Boston's Chinatown and it suffers from some of the flaws of such places (overcompensating for vege dishes with some overflavoring and oversaucing), it's certainly very good, and some of its dishes (like its black pepper fake meat) are excellent. For those who keep kosher, it also is one of two places (Wildflour Bakery being the other) in the area that are under supervision.

It's definitely worth your trying out and supporting (I'm a bit concerned about their location at the edge of the Parking Lot District there, which seems somewhat cursed). What else is new, closed, or changed?

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  1. Circe just opened in the old Downcity space. Monday was opening night. Pan-Mediterranean menu looks interesting. Open for lunch and dinner daily and brunch on the weekend.

    1. North opened up over on the West Side in the old Ama's space. Wonderful Asianish food with a bit of everything thrown in (homemade scrapple anyone?). Great drinks too. I had the fried chicken and it came with delicious biscuits and a squash and onion casserole that was the best thing i put in my mouth all month!

      1. Stock is apparently opening on Monday, in the old European Market location on Hope St, near the Ivy Tavern. It's going to have kitchenware (new and vintage), and I think maybe some fancy ingredients and cooking demos? I'm not sure. But I'm very excited-- this will really help me in my goal of never going to the mall ever again!

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          I've been looking forward to this one. Anyone been yet?

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            Stopped in Monday afternoon ( opening day) and was impressed with the small but awesome array of kitchen stuff. New and vintage cookbooks, cookware, cast iron, aprons, serving pieces etc. definitely excited to see if demos are in the future. Currently seems to be strictly non food items...wonder if that will change?

        2. 2 Paul's Good Food 315 Waterman, East Providence has opened.

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            Seems like kind of a cursed spot, which I don't understand. Tons of traffic volume, and when it was Cattails, it seemed jammed packed every time I drove by.

          2. Mile and a Quarter has opened according to a yelper. Can't find any website and just happened to see the review from a few days ago. Had driven by many times while they were renovating the old barnsider space the past few months. Signage mentioned it being a wine bar. Anyone been? Said review is a bit...umm...ambiguous...