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Oct 30, 2012 01:07 PM

Need help with markets & restaurants close to Place des Vosges

Hi! We have rented an apartment at Place des Vosges for Dec 19-16. I need some information about places to buy food as we want to do a little cooking. Would love to have recommendations for bakeries, butchers, cheese shops, wine shops, markets and also restaurants and bars in the area.


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  1. Pain de Sucre for pastry.

    1. Sorry but why limit yourself to restos nearby?
      You can be anywhere in Paris in 40 minutes by the Metro.
      The 4th is really a "No Man's Land " for Good Food.
      There's Minimes, L'Ilot, Gorille Blanc and Tour de Temple but spread your wings, go 10 minutes away and you'll find Spring, Regalade and Racines 2 on the #1 line and lots more up in the 12th and 11th.

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      1. re: John Talbott

        My dear friend: no arrondissement that includes Claude Colliot deserves to be called a no man's land, though I'll grant you that the food feng shui of the Quatrième leaves to be desired.

        Oh and I'll also take Mi Va Mi over L'As du Falafel.

        1. re: Ptipois

          "My dear friend: no arrondissement that includes Claude Colliot"
          You're of course correct geographically but because I pass Colliot as I go from my barber to Etienne Marcel in my mind he's not near the Place des Vosges. Funny the way brains work.

          1. re: John Talbott

            I understand, in my mind he isn't near the place des Vosges either. He's in the Beaubourg area. Don't blame our brainses, it's Paris that's designed in a funny way.

      2. There are many food shops in all the main streets, esp rue de Bretagne.
        You can also search the board for tons of info on markets near you like the marché Bastille (also called marché Richard Lenoir, and also the place Baudoyer market.

        1. wine -- Caves du Marais, rue Francois Miron. have some notion of what you'd like or want, there's no room for browsing in this shop but the proprietor knows his stuff. cheese, butter, yogurt -- Pascal Beillevaire, not a big shop or huge selection, but top quality. Viennese strudel -- Sacha Finkelstejn, rue des Rosiers. has other good stuff in the mitteleuropa (not quite Parisien) vein, both sweet and savory.

          if you take a 15-25 minute walk across the river to the 6th or 5th eme.s, or go west in a similar distance to the les Halles area, your choices for bistros and restaurants expands hugely.

          1. To add to all of the above for food is the stretch of rue St. Antoine, between St. Paul and the Bastille. Lots of cafes/bars in the Marais; depends on what you are looking for. Try the area around rue des Archives, Vielle du Temple, Francs Bourgeois; cross the Bastille on rue de la Roquette, de Lappe, de Charonne.