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Oct 30, 2012 11:44 AM

New Years Eve

What do you think the best steak house in Boston is? I am looking to take my wife out for our 1st anniversary and setup reservation early. She likes the the style of the old Oak Room, war lots of wood plush chairs. Been to KO Prime and Mooo; with KO being way to modern for her taste. What do people think of Grill 23?

She also love Italian, and am hoping Prezza will be back opened by then. Any other Italian restaurants as good as Prezza?

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  1. I do not see the attracdtion of steak houses when i think that i can prepare something as good or better at home with not too much effort. That said, Grill 23 is ok

    As to Italian, I tried Trattoria Tuscana,in the Fenway, which was good but does not take reservations. Coppa is equally good but raucous. I am one of the few that likes Rialto on this board though it is a busy restaurant. People here like Erblauce though I have not tried it.

    I understand chacune son gout, but I really prefer Italian restaurants to steak houses. But then again, you are not married to me.

        1. Grill 23 definitely fits the style of steakhouse you are looking for and your steak will be great. It's a well recommended place for a reason. Abe & Louie's also has that old school charm, but is very raucous, which could make for a lively NYE. Grill 23 is somewhat staid by comparison.

          1. and as an aside, ko prime is closed.